Windows Cleaning

Window cleaning surely pleases the eye as well as mind. It turns up the enticing experience when you see the dust & dirt sliding down with the soapy liquid. Then there comes an ultra-clean moment when you cannot tell whether the glass is present or not. If you have the clean windows, it’s as good as having a cleaner vision of the world that helps calm you down and breathe a sigh of relief.

Though Window cleaning isn’t that much daunting job but it’s still essential to keep up with the perfect cleaning procedure. Either you choose the professional cleaning services or do it yourself, you must have been through a bazillion of quick ways to clean your windows like a pro. But what about the list of what not to do when you clean window? So let’s dig in to discover more about this;

#1. Don’t Choose the Sunny Day 

Mostly, people don’t realize that they are actually doubling their job for no reason just by cleaning windows on the hot sunny day. Look! You happen to deal with the soapy water while cleaning windows and the cleaning solution would generally dry into the windows before you wipe it off. Consequently, it will leave streaks over the glass that are really hard to remove. In that case, the best time for window cleaning is either dry or cloudy day.

#2. Lesser Use of Window Cleaner 

Either home-made or store-bought, cleaners have been proven to be the best and effective medium for fastest cleaning. Therefore, make sure that you use them enough on the window. Using them sparingly would make things complicated for you because this would end up with streaks on the glass panes that are truly very stubborn. Precisely, avoid getting yourself stuck with plenty of work with your cleaning stuff and make sure to use enough amount of window cleaner to get rid of dirt from the windows quickly.

#3. Do Not Dry with Newspaper 

I am sorry, who said that the newspaper is a reliable drying agent for glass windows? For sure, many did but frankly that’s none other than a misconception or rumor. There are no proven facts on the practical ground about this. In contrast, newspapers are said (by cleaning experts) to be very messy and ineffective medium that sometimes leave behind an odor as well. Instead, it’s good to use the microfiber cloth as it’s incredibly absorbent that truly serves the cleaning purpose. Moreover, this particular cloth leaves the glass streak free and shiny as well.

#4. Avoid Poor Drying Material 

Is there anything else other than the newspaper that can harm the shine and swank of your glass windows? Paper towels can be a big trouble if you consistently use it to clean your glass windows. So obviously, paper towel are very messy that leave lots of lint behind. Again, Microfiber cloth is the best alternative to that. So just make sure that you don’t end up compromising the valuable glass window just because of the poor drying material.

Summary:  It’s time to check out what not to do while cleaning windows. Discover in this article: