Timber is one of the high quality and amazing wood material available for furnishing works. Growing and maintaining the timber plantations is not an easy job. With fine polishing and sturdy quality of timber, one can find the wide usage of timber furnishing, flooring, walling, and you can even use the timber for the ceiling and art pieces.  With timber flooring, you can get numerous benefits because timber is a natural source and they are durable and eco-friendly. Apart from that, you can choose different color and texture of timber flowing and you do not need to use any floor carpets on the timber floor. So you can cut your maintenance cost and prevent dust from your rooms with the timber flooring.

Today, in the modern world, where people are concerned about the right feel and experience of everything, people pay attention to the details of decoration. They spend their resources, trying to enhance the style of their homes by adding attractive features like false ceilings, automated convertibles, classic looking rooms and showpieces and many more. In a similar venture, the timber flooring has created a great sensation all over. Preferably in residential homes, but also in corporate offices, this type of flooring is found to be projecting a rich polished feel.

A Preferred Type of Timber Flooring – Engineered Boards

When the timber used, has a higher thickness of around 10 to 22 mm thickness, with the special polished surface, they are said to be engineered boards. This structure increases the strength and durability of the timber flooring. This flooring is primarily made up of boards’ structure. Differentiated by their design, cross plywood backed boards, sandwiched boards and poplar backed boards. The main ingredient is the high-quality plywood. The timber flooring is installed on a high-quality underlay.

Timber Flooring

There are many more people who master the artistic view for choosing perfect design for your wooden floor. Timber offers itself in various different colors, and you can choose some dark shades such as brown and dark brown for your rooms. You can get yellow – based golden shaded color on your flooring. For more enthusiastic owners, there is an option of slightly expensive caramel-like the brown shade of the timber. This is a specifically popular shade of timber floor.

What are the Advantages of Timber Flooring?

  1.  The wood is readily available.
  2. They can be used for many structures.
  3. Long lasting.
  4. Easy to clean.
  5. Soft and polished surface.
  6. Scientifically, timber provides many advantages, which prove to be a worthy choice.

Few online information sites provide a good overall aspect of the timber flooring and hardwood flooring, covering all the major advantages and disadvantages. Before you decide on the flooring, make sure you go through those websites and you must choose the best quality timber flooring for your house.

Different Types of Timber Flooring Available on the Market:

  • Strip Flooring – Whose design consists of narrow and thin timber strips, which are joint by using joints and tongues. They promote an attractive wooden feel.
  • Wooden Block Flooring – Thicker blocks of wood are laid on the cement base, with attractive design. The cement base provides strong adhesive force and the thick wooden blocks provide a strong structure.
  • Planked Floor – This design is similar to the strip type flooring, but the strips are a lot wider and placed vertically aligned. This gives a continuously flowed feel.

There are various designs engineered to suit the room and color arrangement inside. The flooring must cascade into the feel of the room, without being too apart from the general design. Hence, with the wide customizing options available from which you can choose the best surface for your home.