Security Camera Installation

It is not always necessary to hire a professional technician to install a 4mp security camera in your premise. If you know the preparations required and make a proper plan, you can install it yourself, whether it is a wireless camera or a PoE IP camera. Here are a few specific things that you need to know before you start installing.

  • First, you must know the exact type of camera you need to set up for your home. This is important because the process of installation will vary according to type of video surveillance camera and system you choose to set up.
  • Second, you should know your needs. This will enable you to make the right choice of the camera to install. Your needs will determine whether you need a wired or wireless camera, a Wi-Fi camera or battery powered camera. If you want stable signals and network you can choose a wired PoE IP camera.
  • Next, you should consider the ease and flexibility in installation. You will surely not want to deal with a lot of mess with the cables and do a lot of drilling on the walls.

When you have made your choice of camera, choose the right spot to install it and get ready with the set of tools required for installing your 4mp security camera.

Things to consider and required

Security Camera Installation

There are a few specific elements that you will need to install your 4mp security camera. Whether you buy it separately or as a part of a system, a security camera will typically come with these elements to get it installed, up and running:

  • A mounting kit
  • Long cable of high quality
  • Screws and anchors
  • A power adapter and
  • A receiver.

To install the camera you will need some common tools that are found in every household such as:

  • A drill
  • Screwdrivers and
  • A ladder.

You may also need a marker and a scale to make proper adjustments and final positioning of your security camera on the wall.

When you choose a spot to install your 4mp security camera make sure that it is where you need it the most. Once done, you will need to optimize the installation location ensuring that:

  • It is fixed high up on the walls for wider coverage and protection from vandalism. A height of 8 to 10 feet from the ground is appropriate generally.
  • It is under shelter to protect it from dust and rain.
  • It points away from  direct sunlight or other light sources
  • It is not obstructed by trees and foliage for maximum field of view and
  • It is in obvious and visible spots to deter the thieves and other intruders.

Also make sure that the video and power cables are covered and protected.

Proven installation tips

Now that you are ready for installation, follow these proven tips to make the process easy and successful. These rules of thumbs will save you from the hassles and headache.

  • First, test the equipment before installing it. This will make sure that the 4mp security camera functions just as expected. Conduct a dry run in the intended area by mounting it with a tape, or a single nail. Also monitor and gauge the feed. Check whether or not it captures what you want to see, whether the signal is strong enough, or whether there is any glare or obstacle blocking the view.
  • Ensure do not install the camera using any inferior hardware or tools. This will damage the components.

Also, make sure that you take proper measurements so that there is no strain in the casing or the electrical components. Also, make sure that you install it in such a place so that you can maintain and clean it easily.