Do you want to bring a new look to your old timber flooring? Then, you have to carry out timber staining. This will make your flooring look rich and protect the flooring from extreme wear and tear. The timber stain is a kind of fluid that will color the surface by penetrating the color into the substrate. This is applied to lift the natural grain or boost the appearance of the low-grade timber and make it look like a high-grade timber. There are different types of stains available. You can choose the stain that matches the color of the timber flooring to create an elegant look and give a great appearance.

There are different types of timber options available, but staining the timber flooring is what brings life to the floor and protects the flooring from getting damaged. The stain you choose will change the look of the flooring, be it pale as or dark mahogany.

Few of the timber staining types:

  • Oil-based stains: This type of stain comprises linseed oil and white spirit. The best thing about this type of stain is that it gets dried quickly and raises the grain better than water-based equivalents. You can also use this staining for outdoor applications. This prevents the stains from getting dried. When the environment is considered, oil-based stains are used less compared to the low VOC water-based stains.
  • Volatile organic compounds: The VOC is a gas that is used as a solvent-based stain or paints that gets dried at a brisk pace. This will have an impact on the ozone and take a toll on health. Therefore, many paint companies are reducing the usage of VOC in paints and stains. They like to use water-based products.
  • Water-based stains: The water is used in this type of stain without using a lot of chemicals. This type of stain is perfect to be used without affecting the environment. The brushes and rollers that are used to stain the flooring can be washed out in the water. These stains use natural oils to nourish the timber.
  • Clear coats: These are see-through layers that are applied on the wood to avoid it from getting dirty and worn out sooner. When you are choosing this type of coating, you need to match it with the stain type carefully. You cannot use the oil-based stains for water-based clear coats. Oil-based clear coats can look yellow when a UV light is thrown on them. It would help if you used a water-based stain and water-based clear coat as this is the safest option.
  • Lime washing: This type of timber staining is used to add color or soften the natural timber that you have applied for flooring. This is made using lime, water, and color pigments. These are mixed to make a paste. You can apply this paste to the timber. The paint companies have made the staining process easier. You can now get the lime washing in the liquid form. This liquid is available in a wide variety of colors. You can directly apply the stain to the flooring without mixing anything. This lime wash is used to get uniformity to the grain on the timber flooring. To get a better result, you must seal the floor once it is dried up.

These are a few types of timber stains available in the market. You can stain the timber flooring in two different ways. One is to mix the stain with a clear finish or hand stain on the timber. This gives a deeper appearance to the flooring. It is better to consult with professionals and take the help of professionals for your timber staining.