Calacatta marble

Calacatta marble is a type of marble that comes from the Apuan Mountains quarries in Carrara, Italy. Just like other marbles from the quarries of the Carrara region, such as Statuario, it has a unique natural geological formation. It is one of the three main marbles extracted in Tuscany and has been named by Italian stonemasons after the Indian city of Calcutta (now Kolkata). This kind of marble is more prominent in Italy, unlike Carrara – which is famous in other countries as well.

This kind of marble is whiter and consists of dramatic and larger sized veining. The slabs consist of more prominent and thicker patterns. The Calacatta marble has brown veins all through its body, which make the veining in Calacatta marble benchtops even more attractive. Know about the different Calacatta marble options that are available in the market at present.

Different Types of Calacatta Marble 

It is possible to find the Calacatta marble in various types and these vary a little on the basis of color, patterns and veining. It is a USP for dealers who are able to use natural stone products, highlighting very unique designs. These types of marble have many applications.

For any home owner who wants to upgrade his interior, this natural stone can be the best material option to choose. It can improve property value very easily. Here is an overview of the different options available on the market, which can be used on Calacatta marble countertops:

Calacatta Marble Benchtops

Calacatta Oro 

It can be the best choice for all those homeowners who love Tuscan residential architecture. It is a unique material that is noted for its gold veining and natural shine.

Calacatta Gold 

It is often mistaken for Calacatta Oro but does not have gold contouring or veining. It has a higher price, as it is not possible to find Calacatta gold as widely as other kinds of Calacatta marble. Due to its intricate veining, it is used popularly for the construction of designer kitchens and bathroom, and it is a favorite for making Calacatta marble benchtops. You have to pay a higher price for this kind of marble and must have the knowledge about how to care for it in a proper way, to make it last for more time. 

Calacatta Michelangelo 

This kind of marble is noted for its dazzling white color and could easily have been the choice of material of construction for the stunning sculptures of Michelangelo – the noted Italian artist.

It has delicate veining, with blue and grey touches. It has a sophisticated appearance and is as popular as Carrara marble and Marmara marble. One can get very attractive Calacatta marble benchtops with Calacatta marble of this type.

Calacatta Extra

This type of Calacatta marble has large and random patterns when it comes to the veining. These open appear in paisley or tiger stripe designs. In case you are looking for a material of construction for your own kitchen island at home, you would like to choose this natural stone for making Calacatta marble benchtops. These make very stunning slabs, due to a polished appearance.

Calacatta Borghini 

This is among the most colorful white marble types and is a favorite of many, to be used for making Calacatta marble benchtops in elite hotels and chic boutiques. The veining of this kind of marble often features blue and gold touches. It is appropriate for flooring and countertop installations. Noted for its beautiful and unique appeal, it is often regarded as a rare and luxurious marble that works well with various hues.


With so many options available in calacatta marbles, you can opt for the one that sits perfectly into your requirements.