Having an eye which is defective might not always be a bad situation. Wearing spectacles might be really troublesome to people who are very active in their lifestyle or not used to them. That’s why it is very difficult or rather impossible to participate in any competitive outdoor and certain indoor sports while having glasses on. This is where contact lenses come in. It is a very important and useful tool which has and is still helping so many sports persons to live their dream even if they have relatively poor eyesight.

Contact lenses are not only useful for people who belong to the Sports background. There are many more uses. Contact lenses are useful for models who need to walk on ramps and even for many TV presenters. Lenses are actually also used for styling to give the eyeball a different color. Contact lens has both advantages and disadvantages because if you wear them for long period of time then they can slightly damage your eyes but on other hands they are safe than eyeglasses and as per US medical organization they are known as medical devices.

Advantages of Contact Lenses:

  • Since they sit right on your cornea, they give you a 100% field of view which no spectacle can give you. That is because every spectacle’s glass will end somewhere and your vision at the same time.
  • As mentioned before extremely useful for people in the sports background.
  • Since style and fashion are huge factors for almost every people, they need to have a different type of spectacles for some particular style. Contact lenses solve that problem since they sit right on your eyes; there is no problem of fashion failures.
  • Contact lenses don’t get affected by a change in temperature or weather conditions. For example, if you come out of a cold place to a hotter place, your glasses will get foggy, unlike lenses.
  • Fashion again. Lenses are available in so many different shapes, sizes and colors that lenses are a huge way if styling one’s eyes.
  • Technology has evolved so much that now there are contact lenses which you put on your eyes and sleep overnight. They help in reshaping your cornea so that when you wake up you don’t need any glasses or lenses. Your eyes are as good as new.

A Few Other Reasons Why One Should Choose Lenses Over Spectacles:

  1. Activity: Contact lenses are very hard to break. As a result, when you are wearing them and running or doing any kind of physical exercise you do not need to worry about accidentally dropping your lenses as you would have in case of glasses. That is because it is very hard to drop a lens and even if you do it’s even more difficult to break it.
  2. Vision: Since lenses sit right on the curvature of your eyes you get the maximum degrees of vision. You also don’t need to worry about scratches on the lens or any type of extreme weather conditions.
  3. Comfort: There are lenses available for different style lovers and for different eye types. If you have dry eyes, there is a specific type of lens made just for you.
  4. Life: Wearing contact lenses will just make life altogether easy for you. You’ll never have to worry about dropping your lens or feel you are looking ugly because of those clunky glasses.

Contact lenses are a marvel of modern-day technology and have made our life so much easier. Just once when you get used to putting and removing it, you will be welcomed in a new world of comfort and style. So if you are bored of your glasses, go get contact lenses.