Technical Jobs, Dublin

Technical jobs are not for only IT professionals. There is a vast scope for people who do not have technical skills too.

The key ingredients that can open doors for technical jobs in Dublin are excitement and willingness to learn. If you have these two then you can definitely make your way in the IT sector.

Talking about technical skills, of course basic soft skills are essential but rest all can be learnt. Soft skills can not be taught, they innate your personality. So here are five soft skills that you would need for landing into tech sales jobs in Dublin.

Communication skills

Whether you are a newbie or an IT pro, communication skills are extremely essential in the field of IT. You will need to communicate with your colleagues, supervisors for resolving technical issues, harnessing the power of their tech tools etc. Also for making others understand your ideas, you will need to communicate. Hence communication skills, both verbal and written, wil be a big part of your job.

Organization skills

Being organized is helpful in life as well as in the workplace. It helps you remain efficient and productive at work. Tech companies hiring in Dublin look for professionals who have the ability to jump around several different projects. Multitasking is definitely an important part of the IT sector but if it comes along with organization skills too, nothing better than that.

Analytical skills

If you want to get a major edge in IT, you must have good analytical abilities. These skills let you diagnose technology related issues and fix them. They enable you to find out why the server is down or why a line of code is not yielding a desired result. Technical jobs in Dublin are all about such analytical minds that can identify problems even before they arise.


Being creative will never let you down. Even if you have just started and are looking for junior developer jobs in Dublin, you need to sell your creativity. It is the creativity of tech moguls that has made them stand out of the crowd. In fact creativity is one of the major requirements in the IT sectors these days.

Project Management

Last but not the least, is the project management skill. Being into IT, there are chances of you juggling between multiple projects and responsibilities. Therefore being able to submit tasks as per deadlines and hit benchmarks is essential. And this comes with right project management skills. Good project management skills let you make profesional plans, manage time and reach goals, work with collages etc.

Finding technical jobs in Dublin is easy only if you have the above mentioned skills. In case you are actively looking for these jobs, you should visit the official website of Careers Guidewire.