face recognition time clock

Time management is one of the daunting tasks for any organisation; companies are spending a huge amount on different tools and software that ensures seamless time management. One of the prominent tools used by the company is the face recognition time clock. This is a biometric tool. They load some of the best face recognition time clocks with a lot of benefits. This tool not only saves time but also ensures that there is minimum or no error at all. There are several advantages of face recognition time clock, but only the best face recognition time clock can offer you the right benefits. In this blog, we will highlight some of the key advantages of the best face recognition time clock.

How does the Face Recognition Time Clock Work?

This time clock makes use of biometric identification based on facial characteristics. However, facial recognition technology may vary. The facial recognition system makes use of specific algorithms of the distances between features. They can use the tool for 2D image recognition or 3D facial recognition.

To use the face recognition time clock, the company must start with employees’ facial database creation for future identification. Once the data is fed, you can start the execution of the system. When the employees’ clock in or seek access to a particular area, the employee’s face is scanned, and the system identifies the same from the database it has. All this happens in just a fraction of a second, and hence it becomes important to invest in the best face recognition time clock.

Benefits of Face Recognition Time Clock:

1. Faster Working:  You cannot keep on waiting to get access to the premises. Relying on a manual system is not only time taking, but it also leads to some major fault. To avoid all this, companies can choose the best face recognition time clock. They design the system to work at a faster pace. Thus, saving time and thus reducing the probability of error. With face recognition, there is a lesser probability of a breach of security.

2. Saves the Cost: The next set of the benefit of using the face recognition time clock is that it works seamlessly and with no error. They automate this software and keeps track of the exact number of individuals making an entry, their working hours. You do not have to think about work hours, time fraud, or buddy punching with the best facial recognition time clock.

3. Security: With the manual control of access, there is a probability of a breach of security. People can come in and move out easily. Tracking every individual manually is not a feasible move. Even with a punch in the system, there is a probability that unauthorised people can get access. Still, you do not really have to worry about all these with the facial recognition time clock. The system recognises the face of the entrant and based on it; it gives them access. Since they store all the information in the database, accessible by the facial recognition tool, it ensures that only authorised people get an entry.


These are just a few of the benefits of using the best face recognition time clock. If you wish to create a secured access system that can keep track of all the employees moving in or they work hours, this is the right time to invest in the face recognition time clock. Make sure that while choosing the one for your business, you assess the tool’s features and then decide on buying the time clock.