Anarkali Suit

How to look slim wearing an Anarkali suit? Do you think it is not possible because an Anarkali is fluffy? Though an Anarkali suit may make you chubby, you can follow some tips to make yourself look slim. Also, if you are in search of the latest Anarkali suits online in USA, you have many websites. There are some fantastic shopping portals where you have the best collection at the lowest price.

So, coming to looking slim in an Anarkali, we have discussed some tips below which surely work wonders and there is no doubt in that. Let us check them out!

  1. Heels will make you look slim:

Firstly, heels will make you look taller which thereby will make you look slightly slim. So, wear heels whenever you are wearing an Anarkali suit. It is a known fact that heels are not comfortable to wear. But without taking that pain, you can’t look slim.

Anarkali Suit

Know that there are many types of heels and not every type of heels will make you look slim and get the look that you deserve. If pencil heels are what you are comfortable with, then wear them with an Anarkali. Else, you can also choose thin heels in which you are comfortable. Please avoid block heels as they won’t help in this case.

  1. Wear dark solid colours:

Here the fact is dark colours will help you look thin. There is science behind this. Did you observe any time when you wear black you look slim? Because dark colours absorb more light and hide the bulges. So, the safest way to look slim in an Anarkali suit is to pick dark solid colours. Just solid means solid, there should be no prints.

  1. Wear long Anarkali Suits:

Floor-length Anarkali suits are not the best idea to look slim. Say goodbye to them. Also, say no to knee-length Anarkali suits. Floor-length suits would conceal your height and so you will look short. Coming to knee-length Anarkali suits, they are not a big problem. In reality, they are the best compared to the normal short length straight suits.

  1. Choose smaller motifs:

Majority of the Anarkali suits have too much embroidery work. There are many kinds of motifs that look good on them. Women buy printed Anarkali suits in summer and they are extremely popular. What you need to keep in mind is to choose smaller motifs. You should know that I am not telling you to pick light embroidered clothes. It is ok if the embroidery is heavy, but motifs should be small.

  1. Choose long sleeves:

Speaking of the top, go for long sleeves as they hide your arms if they are bulky and so you will look thin. Also, if your bust is big, choose an Anarkali suit with light embroidery in that area.

So, that is it! These tips will definitely help you look slimmer when you wear an Anarkali suit. Hope you read these 5 tips carefully and follow as mentioned. Now, if you are looking for suggestions on where you buy the Anarkali suits that are in line with this article, visit: Women can find the best collection here as there is an enormous collection.