You will come across a range of industrial and consumer-based applications, thanks to its epoxy resins. This material is a standard one because it is extremely tough and chemical resistance. Moreover, the properties of strong addition with some other specialized factors allow them to stand out. Many Industries just use it as the most durable adhesive.

Quality control with Megapoxy

The top-selling brand, megapoxyfeatures industry tool-based solutions that have a high demand. Based on the usage, the adhesives from megapoxy are witnessing growing popularity day by day. The quality of the product makes it a top-selling brand in the sphere of construction, especially in Australia. The superior most building product is used in every area like industrial compounds, mining, civil engineering, surface coating, and the electrical regions, and also in the general manufacturing industries.

The quality is a result of the stringent tests and maintenance. It is excellent even while serving manufacturing purposes at the beginning. Before the shipment, megapoxy products are packaged perfectly by undergoing several checks.


  • These chemicals work as heavy-duty protective coatings of Steel Timber, concrete, and machinery.
  • It is an ideal coating that finds extreme durability for the garage floors, warehouse floors, and every other area.
  • This material is resistant to corrosion, abrasion, influence as well as a wide range of chemical.
  • You can apply them by only using errorless equipment and brush roller.
  • The working time required is only around 2 hours.
  • You will get custom colors available with the small batches.

List of Products:

  • Megapoxy H

It is the Hydrophilic low viscosity epoxy resin that is used in anchoring starter bars. You can simply mix it with sand to create the epoxy mortar.

  • Megapoxy HT

It is the Hydrophilic, gel version high build, and non-sag of the previous category.

  • Megapoxy HX

It is the solvent-free hydrophilic that has an extra-low viscosity.

  • Megapoxy P1

It is the adhesive that has two-part high strength epoxy paste. So, it is ideal for structural bonding. Besides, it also serves as a repair ingredient of precast concrete panels. Work time is around 60 minute.

  • Megapoxy PF

This adhesive comprises if two-part rapid set high strength epoxy paste. It finds use in emergency repair of tanks, pipes, and concrete structures. Work time is  3 minute.

  • Megapoxy PM

It is the two-part adhesive which works as the highest length epoxy paste. It is as an ideal ingredient for bonding concrete pieces, natural stones, Steel as well as Timber. The total work time is 45 minutes.

  • Megapoxy HICB

It is the two-part epoxy high Impact crusher backing system that has the two-component for epoxy grout. So, it is used for making the crusher parts, locking bearing, grouting machinery, setting anchor bolts, and checking of the machinery. The overall outstanding compressive strength and properties come with low shrinkage. So, it becomes an economical option when compared to the other systems.

  • Megapoxy 57

HEAVY-DUTY EPOXY GROUT megapoxy 57 is two-component epoxy grout, suitable for grouting machinery, locking bearings, setting anchor bolts, chocking of machinery, rail track grouting, and bridge bearing pads.

  • Megapoxy 57

This epoxy is used as the heavy-duty epoxy grout that comprises of two-component. It is suitable for the purposes related to lock bearing, grounding machinery, fitting anchor bolt, chocking of machinerybridge, and in rail track routing.

Useof Megapoxy Industrial Tool

• Precast concrete articles

• Metal to metal bonds/concrete bonds

• Grouting bolts

• Natural stones

• Bricks and ceramics

• Bonding of compressed cement sheet

• Bonding of concrete pipes and tanks

• Fibreglass articles

• Insitu formed concrete

• Concrete floors and stairs

• Concrete column

• The adhesive also serves the flush-filling countersunk function in fibre cement sheet


The low viscosity slow cure megapoxy resin is ideally suited for anchoring and bonding at different workplaces. You will be glad to know many users rely on megapoxy for sealing and waterproofing.