Home Design

Algedra Group, which is a full interior design solution company that has been working on a premium villa in Dubai, delivered its contemporary-theme project.

The project, where luxury, comfort and functionality is crowned with a deluxe entrance, offers the homeowner the opportunity to be a part of an exclusive lifestyle. The project redefined designing the interior of a house with the family style mansion concept. It is inspired by the islamic architectural style and enriched with the magnificent pentagrams carved into walls and mirrors.

By adopting the contemporary interior design style, Algedra has created the villa interior with Islamic touches bearing the character of luxury and richness with the luster of gold. A creative design that was executed by the team of engineers with skill and provisions to turn the dream into reality.

The project is located in Dubai, and reflects an authentic contemporary living experience from its texture and flavor to its culture. It is planned and completed in 3 different phases to provide comfort, luxury and privileged life to its resident.

Every single detail has been carefully thought of for a comfortable living, but the most crucial point of this project is the intensity of using mirrors.

‘’Richness of using mirrors helps to utilize a combination of a non-linear crystal for second harmonic wavelength with high reflectivity, and also provides an elegant and exclusive look,’’ Tareq Skaik says.

Use of statement mirrors was such a great way to bring style and elegance to the space! Algedra made the focal point of the family sitting room with just the mirror alone, and helped to fit in perfectly with a slim edged, golden accent in crisp-crasp ornaments.

The finish of the mirrors made a big difference in the family sitting room and every corner of the villa, making the most of the natural light from the window while adding to the room’s cozy and relaxed vibe.

Dramatic marble accents have created a precise sense of luxury, and given rise to a grand resurgence within the contemporary interior design while contemplating unique touches on the walls.

Algedra Group’s Head of Design Tareq Skaik says ‘’Each one of the rooms features tremendous marble accents to unify the contemporary theme. You can see marble elements for a variety of applications, from furniture and accessories all the way to major interior decorations.’’

The contemporary villa interiors are punctuated by one of the most classic decorative elements of all – Carrara Marble, and you can notice that throughout the home that is favored. This sleek touch enhanced the look and streamlined the contemporary treatment.