Kids always want to play and parents prefer to take them outside to let them run free and properly use up their energy. Sometimes, mostly due to bad weather, we have to stay inside and think of a fun, healthy and safe way of keeping the kids active and entertained.

Some parents choose to stay at home and think of creative ways for kids to play, and there are also indoor playgrounds with a number of fun activities and opportunities for your kids to meet friends.

I wanted to learn a few tricks and see what I could do at home to keep my little ones occupied and have fun so I talked to the fun-loving professionals at Uptown Jungle Chandler, and here are some activities they suggested.

Make a Fort

This is a fun activity where you can use your furniture, pillows and whatever you find useful, to build an amazing fort in which kids can have fun for days. It’s a very creative and active game that allows both you and your kids to make unique forts and even role play.

Kids will absolutely love this new corner for playing and will most likely bring all their toys inside which, in turn, opens up new possibilities for playing. We all loved to create our own little space when we were kids and be able to escape into the fantasy world within the comfort of our home. You should provide your kids with the same experience and maybe even invoke some nostalgia.

Read a Story

Yeah! Everybody loves a good story. Kids today are overwhelmed by quick bursts of fun that get boring quickly. Sit down and introduce them to books and reading. Pick a fun story and read it out loud.

Grab their attention for a while, and if lucky, ignite a spark inside them to pursue reading. This is even great for toddlers who also like to patiently soak in words coming out of your mouth. You can even enhance the experience with drawing.

When you finish reading the story you can give the kids an assignment to draw the story they just heard.

Karaoke Night

Everybody loves dancing and singing. All you need is a microphone or two and your kids’ favorite songs you can find on youtube. This is a great opportunity for the whole household to have fun.

You can even bring some competitive elements like giving out rewards to winners. Whatever you decide, this is a very fun and active experience and an opportunity to create loveable stories for instagram


Back to some more active games. Introduce this wonderful sport to your kids by making it possible to play indoors. All you need are two chairs you can connect with a string to create a net and balloons.

You can divide your kids and their friends in two teams and try to explain the rules of the game. Even if they don’t play strictly by the rules, passing a balloon over a string is a lot of fun, and they can’t break anything.

Obstacle Course

Use a flag tape and wrap it around corners to create laser-like obstacles like in the movies. The game is simple, the kids need to move from place A to place B as quickly as possible without touching anything.

Play some dramatic music and use a stopwatch and create a playful atmosphere where kids need to jump, crawl, and make all sorts of different poses to be able to complete the course. The funniest part is that they will probably ask you to compete with them.