air conditioning installation

The severity of temperature in most tropical countries has made air conditioners an integral part of urban life. They are installed at commonplace in offices as well as at homes. Long distance vehicles also use them to provide comfort during the journey. Thus, their role in our lives is truly beneficial.

Following are the benefits provided by air conditioners to us:

  • Be it heat or humidity, the overall intellectual or physical activity of a human is impacted. This interrupts simple tasks which appear humongous. Air conditioning installation improves the performance at work by providing comfort for a long duration.
  • They are an absolute remedy for dehydration caused by excessive sweating. They remove moisture present in the air and pushes through cooler temperature. The process is called evaporation cooling.
  • Air conditioning installation improves the air quality of the environment where work is being done. They remove pollutants from the air by filtering it. They are essential particularly for those people who are suffering from asthma as the irritants triggering the attack are minimized. They are beneficial for patients with high blood pressure.
  • The filters in air conditioners keep home and offices insect free.
  • As air conditioners reduce heat and humidity and also don’t allow insects and pests at home, they prove beneficial even for furniture.
  • Air conditioning installation has proven beneficial for electronic devices at home and offices such as computers and phones. It protects devices against melt downs and thus saves data and increases the lifespan of the device.
  • We often consider an A.C. compartment in a train while travelling long distance for security reasons. The same applies to home and offices. Air conditioners demand all outlets to be closed thereby keeping unwanted people out of the way.
  • Air conditioning installation indirectly protects our clothes against discoloration caused by sweat stains.
  • They protect buildings against problems caused by moisture or dampness.

air conditioning

Disadvantages of using Air Conditioners

Installation of air conditioner requires considering certain things. Just as it is beneficial in many ways, it may cause harm in other ways. Following points should be noted while using an A.C.

  • Prolonged use of air conditioners can make one feel dehydrated. One should keep drinking enough fluid in case the dehydration is caused due to the air conditioner being used for a longer time period. In certain cases, air needs to be turned off.
  • Health issues may arise owing to sudden temperature shifts caused by air conditioning installation. It may cause a respiratory problem. It is better to stick to the ideal temperature to avoid any complexity in health and maintain stability.
  • Being in the presence of air conditioners for a long time may lead to tiredness. The reason behind this is that the amount of carbon dioxide in air increases due to the use of recycled air. In such cases, air conditioning installation should be chosen such that it allows air from outside to come in.
  • If filters of air conditioners are not changed regularly, it may lead to air pollution indoors.

Process in which an A.C. Operates

There is a vast similarity between a refrigerator and an air conditioner. Air conditioners make the use of a refrigerant that is evaporated in gaseous form. They consist of sets of two coils, one meant for Freon gas that is hot and another one for cold. In institutions such as schools, the coils for hot gas are placed outside. The compressor present in the A.C. compresses the cool gas to turn it hot which is then passed through the coil to turn it into a liquid that is cold. The liquid is then passed through an expansion valve to turn into cold gas. The cold gas is passed through the second coil set enabling the heat to be absorbed by the Freon gas, releasing the cool gas inside.