If you are a new car owner or have owned a car for years, there are just a few things that are absolutely necessary for anyone who travels long distances with their car.

Whether you’re a newbie or someone who has had a car for ages, we have done our research to find out a few items that you simply must keep in your car at all times.

In no particular order, because all these items are important.

1.  Essential Documents:

Okay this one is a no brainer. However, I have seen multiple times how people actually forget important car documents.

You definitely need your car registration, a copy of the car insurance whether on your phone or a copy in the car, your identity card and driving license. We must not forget the car manual is also very important if something goes wrong during your drive or if one of the signs is flashing on your dashboard – the fastest way to understand what is wrong is by reading the manual.

2.  Tire Pressure Gauge

If you’re going on a long trip, you must ensure to check the pressure of your tyres. This is a necessity if you want to maintain your tyres for a long time and selling the car will be easy later since you have kept it in good condition.

3.  Tyre Changing Tools

For this, you mainly need to have a jack to lift the car from the ground and a wrench to loosen the bolts and put them back. These items generally come with your car and need to be replaced immediately if lost or broken. You will also need a reflective triangle to add to the side of the road if you have to stop your vehicle in the middle of the road to change the tyre.

4.  Spare Tyres

Now that you have the tools, you need a spare tyre. Most cars come with a spare tyre at the back of the car either of the exact same size or a size smaller. If you’re using the smaller one you must replace it as soon as possible with a tyre of the correct size to be used on the road. This affects the performance of the car if not changed quickly and affects the overall value of your car in the long run.

In other cases, the minute you start using your spare tyre on the road – you know you need to get a new one.

5.  Jumper Cables

For the times your car does not start because of the battery. This is a must have. But apart from having a cable, you should also know how to use it. Make sure to ask someone who knows or an expert.

6.  Flashlight

In times of  being stranded on a dark road, you may have to jump start your car or change a tyre.Yes, you could use your phone but if it falls, you’re in deeper trouble than before. Hence consider having a flashlight that comes in a cool multi tool device that has maybe a small pliers or even a swiss knife.

7.  Battery Charger

This is the most used item in anybody’s car (of whoever has one). Especially for people always forgetting to charge their phone!

8.  A Change of Clothes & Shoes

This is considering the many times our clothes have been dirtied by either, food, drinks, changing tyres or even just torn. This is for those god-forsaken times that we need a quick outfit change.
For ladies, you may also consider getting a pair of comfortable shoes in the car if you ever need to get off those high heels and need to walk comfortably after a long day of work.

9.  A Spare Towel & Umbrella

A spare towel comes in handy for many things. One is if you’ve left your car parked in the sun for too long and sitting on the seat gets.. Well, uncomfortable. Or if you’re caught in the rain and do not want to get the whole seat wet especially if they don’t have seat covers. Yes, hence we also recommend an umbrella.

10.  A Hoodie & Blanket

This is particularly for the cold season. A hoodie, for obvious reasons – if you get cold and need to keep yourself warm. A blanket is more versatile in this regard. It could be used to keep extra warmth especially useful if the heater stops working suddenly and during leisure it could also double as a picnic mat.

11. Sanitizer

This is very important for mild cuts that you may get while changing a tyre or even just doing other chores with your car like groceries. Great to have if you’re camping and also just as a precautionary item in the car.

12. Emergency Kit

Sadly, Accidents are common events to witness on the road and if we ever happen to be caught in a position ourselves to find others that may need help, this could save a life. In many countries you do not need to have a first aid licence to give first aid but in some countries you may need to. Ofcourse, if you’re a first aider, be sure to carry your first aid card and follow the right protocols.

13.  Spare Change

Ever forgotten your wallet at home? Even when most of us have our cards on apple pay and google pay, if we do not have a good charge on the phone (aka no phone charger) – the application does not allow you to pay. This is when we need to have some spare change in the car. Also, some places might not have payment machines or they simply do not work – you can never tell.

14. Tissues

This is literally the most basic item to have in the car. For wiping the dust off your spectacles, shades, wipe the mirror, tears, etc

15. Pepper spray

Yes, this is a safety item. There could be times you are too tired to drive and would want to park at the side and get some-shut eye before you get on the road again. Of course, it is better to drive when you feel better but you also need to be safe. Regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, this is important for your safety.

16.  Bottle of Water

Having at least some water in your car helps. If you have drinking water stored in a flask, that’s great! If not, at least have some in a plastic bottle. You never know when you need just some water to wash your hands, sand or grease.

17.  Plastic Bags

Useful in all kinds of situations and are definitely useful if you need an extra bag to carry groceries or if you need a bag to clean up. If you have soiled shoes and don’t want it to ruin the car rugs, this is another good alternative.

18. Cleaning Supplies

One thing we all dislike is a smelly car. Hence having some cleaning supplies on hand like a wet wipe, a rag cloth and some car cleaning spray is great to have in your car. Great for cleaning up quick coffee stains, I know we are all guilty of that.

Final Words

If you have been driving for a while, then you probably have all these items but if you do not, it is important you do.

Better safe than sorry!