Sliding Security Gates

Whether for your home or your business, if you are thinking of replacing your old gates with automatic, electric gates, there is much to consider. Of all the gate designs, the sliding is the most popular, and providing you have the space on one side for the gate to operate, then a sliding gate is the perfect design.

Bespoke Solutions

When looking to install an electric gate, approach a specialist company that fabricates state of the art commercial electric gates, as they would have the expertise to design a custom fit. The first step is to search online for a bespoke electric gate supplier and make an appointment for a technician to visit you at your home or business premises. Then you can discuss the various options – whether you have the running gear and motor under or above ground, as well as the materials used to fabricate the gates and the design.

Stainless Steel & Hardwood

Many businesses opt for stainless steel as it requires no maintenance and is easy to keep clean, and it can be combined with hardwood for a more traditional look. The gating company would have many fine images of previous projects for you to browse, to help you find the perfect design and with their expertise, there isn’t a situation they have yet to encounter.

Sliding Security Gates

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Above Or Below Ground

The motor and mechanism can be installed below ground, which is the ideal situation and while it might be more expensive, the motor is protected against the harsh elements. Of course, the technician would need to inspect the site to determine whether or not it is feasible to have the motor underground.

Quoting For The Project

Once the technician and you have agreed on a design, the company can quote for the project, which would be fully inclusive and if you feel the cost is too much, ask another company to quote for the project. It is never a good idea to be totally focused on price, especially with something like an electric gate installation, as quality is more important.

Sloping Ground

When a driveway slopes, traditional hinge opening gates might not be possible and in such a situation, those sliding electric gates UK commercial properties use are often the best solution. It might be best to have the gate opening to the left or right, depending on the terrain, which is something to discuss with the visiting technician. If you live outside the UK – in another country, for example – all you have to do is do a quick search on google for bespoke gate makers near your area.

Factory Fabrication

Once the surveyor has taken precise measurements, the gates would be fabricated at the factory and transported ready for installation at the site. When electric gates are created from scratch, they are specifically designed to fit the opening and regardless of the terrain, you can be sure the gates will work as they should.

Choosing A Contractor

As with any industry, look for a contractor who can furnish you with many customer testimonials, as this is the best indication of 5-star service and any successful company should be able to furnish you with some names and addresses, where you can view their previous projects.

If you would like to learn more about made to measure electric sliding gates, a Google search will bring up a list of local companies that provide a bespoke service.