Traditionally, students used to attend brick-and-mortar secondary institutions to get their diplomas before the rise of online high school courses. However, they are no longer limited to attending schools within a bounded area due to the rise of fully accredited private online high schools. 

If you are a high school student interested in taking online courses contributing to your Ontario Secondary School Diploma, you need to get familiar with OSSD requirements. The best thing is that every online course you take at USCA Academy counts towards your Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Therefore, you also get to know about the OSSD requirements involved. 

At last, you get peace of mind knowing that the OSSD courses will help you attend the post-secondary institution of your choice. 

What to know about OSSD and How to Obtain Your OSSD?

An OSSD is a diploma that students in Ontario receive when they graduate from high school. The Ministry of free educational websites takes a note of credits that Ontario students must acquire to obtain their OSSD from high school. Once the student gets their OSSD, they can confidently apply to the colleges and universities for further studies. 

Ontario’s Ministry of Education accredits traditional high schools in Ontario, and you can count on them for your OSSD. In fact, you can start and finish your high school online in Ontario by taking OSSD courses at UCCA Academy only. 

OSSD Requirements

The students in Ontario, including out-of-province and international students attending Ontario schools, must take 12 optional (elective) courses and 18 compulsory courses at Ontario high school to get their OSSD. However, to meet the Ontario Ministry requirements, students should – 

  • Pass the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT)
  • Must Complete 10 hours of community involvement in a year with 40 hours total.

OSSD is needed for attending University and college

An essential benefit conferred by obtaining the OSSD is access to the best university and college programs in Ontario and around Canada. Most postsecondary educational institutions also need a valid yet complete OSSD to consider an application for their programs. 

It acts as a screening mechanism of sorts. Most probably, the educational tasks in University and college go even far than what is needed in high school. Therefore, only the ones that can complete the OSSDs are typically considered ready for further education. 

The OSSD itself is a simple matter of passing or failing, and however, the universities will look after your child’s academic performance in their top six courses. It is to gauge whether they will be accepted to their desired programs. It is why striving to get a high academic average overall is needed as compared to simply meeting the bare minimum requirements of the OSSD. 

OSSD is an important signal for future employers

OSSD is not only essential for entering postsecondary education, but it helps you land a better job after high school. Most high school students do not have much work experience to include in their resumes when they leave the school. Adding OSSD qualification to the resume is an excellent signal to any potential employer that the student has taken efforts and time to complete the education level. Most high-school students are needed to complete 40 hours of community service to get their OSSD. It provides them with the opportunity to demonstrate a range of desirable employee traits. 

Why choose USCA Academy for OSSD?

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