fire rated windows

Do you stay in a multistoried apartment that is very close to another with windows nearby? Fire rated windows can provide thermal insulation till some help is at hand. They do not allow fire and heat to engulf your home at least for some time giving you breathing space to call the fire department or dowsing the fire with other help. But that does not mean that they are made of solid iron through which even a fly can pass. The glass or the frames are fire rated. Thus, it is always beneficial to install fire-resistant windows when one is staying in multi-storied apartments with building towers close by so that your property is saved from the spreading of the neighborhood fire. You should always stick to the safety standards obeying the fire safety codes and even insist your architect to follow the same. The danger comes from the safest corner without giving any notice, but prevention is always better than cure.

What are the benefits of fire rated windows?

This fire rated windows can withstand from20 minutes to even 2 hours of fire even at high temperatures. The frames can be of aluminum or made of steel that is cold rolled or hot rolled. Most of the fire rated windows comes with the mechanism of self-closing due to the presence of sensors or fusible links that activates, preventing the fire to spread.

  • They are an alternative for replacement of windows in old buildings to keep up with the present-day fire safety codes.  However, they come in various designs to match with the existing architectural beauty giving a better aesthetic look.
  • Not only the frames but also the glasses of these fire safety windows can withstand fire without breaking. The glass comes with fire protective glazes that either have polished wire glass or ceramic glazed. The glasses in fire rated windows have multiple layers that are assembled so that they can block the passing of heat that is conductive or radiant.

How would you choose the best fire rated windows?

rated windows

  • Many fire rated windows come with warnings that they had not passed the hose streams requirements that are essential to be genuinely fire rated.
  • Some are available with tempered glass but can withstand the heat or fire only for 20 minutes.
  • While selecting the windows one should check, if, the manufacturer had passed all the safety codes, else the buying them shall be only for peace of mind and of no actual use.
  • The frames come in a variety of designs and colored powder coating so that they look elegant yet durable.
  • It is suggested to search the fire rated windows online and check the different products available there. Then you can check their certification, durability, hear and dire resistant capacity and customer reviews from the online portals. Lastly compare the price of different fire rated windows and choose the best affordable one for your home.

It is unlikely that you are going to replace your windows now and then, but fire can break out without giving any warning. So it is always better to buy fire rated windows that do not only claim with words but comes with test certificates meeting the standards.

The triple-paned windows are more fire resistant than the regular one’s providing more insulation and comes with window shades that enable snap in & out option embedded in the layers. The outer layer evenly distributes the heat within the other layers so that the glass does not crack and withstand the heat generated from fire for a longer time giving an opportunity to douse the flame without any damage.