Motor Replacement

Starter motor in cars is the most vital thing to be checked often. We will be in an emergency to leave from the home or office, but by the time the car engine will not be ignited and will struggle to start. You will not be able to find out what is the actual problem here. It is nothing but your car starter motor would have resisted starting over.

Starter motors are nothing but a small motor in your car, which connects between the car engine and the battery. The charge from the battery will make this starter motor to start, and the started motor helps the car engine to start. You might also have to consider the starter motor replacement if the problem is beyond repair.

In some cases, the starter motor will be in good condition, but it will be the failure of the battery to ignite the engine. The battery would have drained. It means it is time for you to either change the battery or charge the battery depending on its condition. Many a time a person is not aware of the fault and the damage can be grave, in such a case you would need to go for starter motor replacement.

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How To Know If I Need To Go For A Starter Motor Replacement?

One of the best ways to find out about the fault is to know about the signs of caution.  Below are some of the warning signs, and if you notice any of these, then you might need to go for a starter motor replacement.

Sign Of Fault

Is there any sign by which you can identify that the starter motor is having a problem? Not always but sometimes it gives us signs as below,

1.    The car engine fails to start at first attempt when you try it with a key. You will have to try starting it more than once or twice. So, this is the right time to check your starter motor with a car mechanic.

2.    You will hear an abnormal sound (whining sound) from the engine. It is not from the engine but starter motor. Do not get panic about this when you hear a sudden noise. Instead, check with a mechanic for the condition of the starter motor.


The next step is to take your vehicle to a mechanic. They will quickly check on the starter motor and identify the problem. If you say to a mechanic that your battery is new, but still you are facing the starting issue, then the problem is evident for them that it is the issue of starter motor only.

Below are the methods by which a mechanic checks the starter motors.

  • One of the old methods is, the mechanic will slightly hit the motor with a metal tool (like hammer or spanner). This will make the motor start immediately, and after that, there will not be an issue.
  • Nowadays, the mechanic will check the two wires attached to it. If the battery is good, and when the car is started, there will not be power flow in the motor. That means the starter motor is dead, and it is time for starter motor replacement.


There is no specific reason for a starter motor to get failed. It will get worn out due to its internal parts only. It has several moving and rotating parts inside. If any of these fails, it will cause the entire motor to get damaged. The components inside will be very minute and internally connected, which will not allow the mechanic to repair; instead, the whole motor has to be changed or replaced without any choice.


In general, a starter motor will last for five to seven years depending on the quality of the motor that we buy. After five years, the mechanic should check on the condition of the motor, which will give a fair idea for us to either replace the motor or service it in the initial stage of damage.


All this must be done by an expert professional. Hence, you must head for a mechanic is well-versed with the starter motor and can help you with starter motor replacement. Only choose a trustworthy and reputed starter motor replacement workshop for this.