Technical drafting is an integral part of every construction industry. Earlier, architects used to draw their blueprints on a paper, but technology has changed this technique. Now, people are using CAD or computed aided design for making their draft. Manual and computerized drafting has some advantages and disadvantages, and you must know these details before you make your blueprint for your new house.

What Are The Benefits Of CAD Drafting?

Manual drafting is done on a paper and architects can use stencil and pencil for making sketching their draft. It is difficult to make some changes on these manual drafts because more than one change can make your draft messy. Now, you can use CAD software to make your draft and you can make unlimited changes on your draft before you take the final one.

  • You may have many ideas for your new home, but you need to implement the same in your draft. Manual drafting is a time-consuming task, and you can save your time by making your draft on CAD software. For manual drafting, you need to use some papers, which is not an eco-friendly option. In the case of CAD software, you do not need to use any paper and pencils. It is an eco-friendly drafting process that can save your time and cost.
  • You can design your draft on CAD software with high accuracy. For example, if you are drawing a shop design then you can make some errors in your manual draft because you need to add lots of features and accessories in your draft. In this case, you can use CAD drafting process and you can easily deliver your draft with 100% accuracy within a timeline. It will boost up the manufacturing or construction process and you can easily complete your project within a deadline.
  • You can easily save and preserve your computer aided designs. You can edit your design and take a printout of the same anytime as per your convenience. In the case of manual drafting, you cannot preserve the same for years. You can easily design your home on CAD software and save the same in your pen drive. You can share the same with others who are associated with your construction project.
  • There are lots of geometry tools available on CAD software and you can use them to make the necessary changes in your draft. In case of the manual draft, you need to take some days to complete some minor changes. Reproducing a manual draft means recreating the same draft again and again, which is a time-consuming task. So, if you want to achieve 100% accuracy and want to make some changes with convenience then you should go for CAD software.
  • You can transform your computer aided draft into a 3D model. You cannot make a 3D model manually. Nowadays, people prefer such 3D models to get a real picture of their home design and you can use 3D CAD packages for the same. Later on, you can preserve your drafts digitally and you will not lose your draft or blueprint in future. People from your family can also access the same in future and they can use the same draft for home extension.

There are some templates and databases available in the CAD software. You can use such templates to complete your draft faster. These templates can save your time by providing basic information and you can use such existing layouts for making a new draft for your home. Computer aided designs has changed the scenario of building information modelling, and digitalized drafting can save your time and cost to a great extent.