If you have a construction business, then you need to use some cranes to transport heavy materials. There are multiple types of cranes. It is a daunting task to choose the right one for your project. Apart from construction, cranes are used in different industries, including shipyards and airports. You can search cranes for sale online and choose the best model according to its load-bearing capacity. For example, you can use a tower crane on a concrete surface, and you can shift your raw materials with this crane from one place to another. To access the restricted areas, you can use a mobile crane.

7 Most Common Types Of Cranes

  1. Telescopic cranes
  2. Mobile cranes
  3. Truck-mounted cranes
  4. Tower cranes
  5. Rough terrain cranes
  6. Loader crane
  7. Overhead cranes

Each of these cranes is used based on the type of work. However, tower cranes are the most common types of cranes used in the construction industry, and you can install these cranes on your different floors according to your needs. These cranes have a climbing section, and you can use their jack to move the crane from one place to another. Once your building is completed, you can remove the crane from your site.

How Would You Choose The Best Crane For Sale?


Assess Your Project Requirement

Cranes are available in different sizes and specifications, and you need to check their functionalities before choosing. In this case, you can talk to an expert to decide the right crane for your project. You need to choose the crane for sale according to your project requirement. If you have a restricted budget, then you can take such cranes on rent. But you need to spend a huge amount every month to take a crane on rent, and you can save your cost by searching for the best cranes for sale. There are multiple options available online, and you can easily buy the best one with easy finance.

Check The Load-Bearing Capacity

Apart from that, you need to check the load chart of a crane before you buy. For example, you should compare the structural strength with the dimensions of the crane, and you must check the load-bearing capacity of the same. Load chart and boon length are vital factors you need to consider while looking for cranes for sale.

Choose The Right Type Of Crane

You can find different cranes, such as mobile cranes, rough terrain cranes and tower cranes. You need to transport the crane from one place to another, and you must consider the transportation laws in this regard. The state authority implements a set of laws for transporting heavy equipment, and you should maintain the same for your safety. For example, you cannot move your crane from a road that cannot bear the heavy load, and you should avoid bridges while you transport your crane. So, you can search for such cranes for sale online and talk to their experts to transport your crane safely.


Assess The Construction Site

You need to consider the condition of your construction site before you choose a crane. You must consider the weather conditions, terrain, and spaces available on your site. If you have restricted space, you need to choose a mobile crane instead of a tower crane. Similarly, you need to choose a rough terrain crane for your construction site with an uneven surface or land.

Final Thoughts 

You can search cranes for sale online and check different models and their specifications. If you have any doubt, you can talk to their manufacturing company to choose the best crane for your project site. Make sure you must check their warranty, reviews and durability before you buy.