Gutter Repair

When it comes to the drainage system of a home, the downspouts and gutters are the most important elements. When there is heavy rain, only the downspouts and drainage system help to collect water. Together they are termed as ‘conduit system’ in the world of rainwater collection and harvesting. If you have no idea how to repair the guttering system, you may contact a professional. The task is daunting for those who have no previous experience. But, there is nothing to worry for, you may follow simple tips to gutter repair given here.

There are various elements that keep your house protected and this includes the guttering system. Rainwater guttering is the most important element of any house. It may overflow, sag, leak water and can cause a puddle of water to collect around your house. You can never leave rainwater gutter repair unattended. Doing so can ruin the integrity of your home and cause great damage to the foundation. No matter how unskilled you are, there are some simple gutter repair tips you can follow.

Gutter Repair

#1. Repair A Leaking Gutter

Do you notice your guttering system leaking water? The root cause of this problem can be the joints in between the sections. If there has been the instance of standing water in the gutter, the steel seams, the joints would get rust and thus water would seep through the seams. To address this problem, you must call the gutter repair expert that inspect the entire system. Watch out for the signs of gutter sags and standing water. If the problem lays in the seams and joints, try and use gutter hangers. Let the inside of the gutter dry and then clean the seams with the help of a brush and then apply caulking compound along the gutter seams to seal the leaks. If the holes are small, you may use roofing cement. You can use a putty knife to spread the compound generously in and around the hole. It will be good if you do this on a sunny and warm day. If the holes are too large, you may cover them by using patches. The sheet of metal can be used to cover huge holes. You must have to cover that with caulking compound and then place the metal sheet on the hole. Cover the surface with the compound and let that dry.

#2. What To Do When the Rain Gutter Overflows? 

Gutter repair is needed when the rain gutter overflows. The overflowing gutter can pose a problem for the home foundation and home walls. The gutter may overflow when there is any accumulation of leaves, dirt and debris. It may be that the downspout is clogged and this is causing an overflowing gutter. If any such thing happens, you should clean the gutter first. You may be required to replace the entire gutter if water continues to overflow despite no sagging. At times, water overflows from the gutters just because of gutter sags.

#3. When Can the Rain Gutter Sag?

It may happen that rainwater gutter gets too heavy with water. If water completely fills the gutter, the gutter will be heavy, leading to sagging. On the other hand, if the gutter material is aluminum or galvanized steel or similar, the gutter will start bending. The hangers of the gutter can also loosen in the process. If this happens, your guttering system can’t do its job efficiently. It can’t channelize water away from the gutter. Watch the inner of the gutter to find the signs of gutter sag. There will be watermarks in the inside of the gutter or there may be standing water. Re-seat the gutter hanger or replace it. You can also tighten the hanger if it is clip-style hanger.

Gutter repair is easy only when you have some previous experience in gutter repair. You may realign the gutter, get rid of rust from metallic components.