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A full-length floor mirror is nothing but a huge mirror that can reflect your whole body from head to toe, so it’s not that surprising that this style is growing between the designers’ community and trending, this year. The word I find to describe this piece the best is “versatile” because it can either be functional in self-admiring, checking the makeup and the outfit to give you some boost confidence to take the day, or it can be a decor item that strategically placed, converts a boring space into an enjoyable and luxurious one!

These types of mirrors can be used solo, or with a chair or a wardrobe nearby to complete the design, depending on the room you want it in. They are commonly seen in bedrooms but there is a design trend rising in 2020, which consists in placing them in living rooms, can you imagine? I know it might seem weird, but if it’s in the right place and is matching the furniture of the room, trust me, it will look perfect! Thankfully, there are a lot of shapes, colors, and finishes in the market waiting for you. There are also even more features about floor mirrors you need to know, so stay with me.

Types of Floor Mirrors

That is correct, there are three types of floor mirrors – cheval, traditional and leaning. The best part is that, unlike other decor items, we can easily distinguish between them. Cheval floor mirrors contain a wooden base to make sure this huge piece doesn’t fall on the ground, and they have an antique vibe that I personally love! Traditional mirrors are free-standing or hung on the wall, provide a full-body view, and you can customize them, adapting their characteristics to your personal taste and space available. Last but not least, the leaning ones, which as the name reveals, are feature pieces permanently leaned against the wall with the superior part on the wall and the inferior on the floor. These last ones are very popular in living rooms because they offer a nice dichotomy between something placed randomly against a wall and a luxurious well-thought decor piece. If you want to see the best mirrors of 2020 in each category, be sure to click here.


As I mentioned above, the spectrum of your choice is huge, and you will find frames made from different materials such as wood, gold, silver, velvet, among others. This depends on the design you’re looking for – if you want a more modern and minimalistic vibe, I would suggest the silver one, but if you want a more traditional and vintage look I would go for a wooden frame. Velvet frames will look on point in a more luxurious and mysterious room, where red is your detail color. The choice is yours!


Floor mirrors are always tall elements, although you can choose the size of the frame balancing the space and the area you want to incorporate them in. Big floor mirrors with a solid frame will look stunning in a more wide and bigger space. On the other hand, if space is smaller, a lighter frame and a smaller mirror will look amazing too and won’t feel too much!


Placement will determine everything because it will be another source of light, so placing it near a window or on the opposite side of it will brighten up the whole space, bringing your room more life and color. That’s actually the major reason why experts say that mirrors have a lot of functions and are an amazingly versatile item to have in every room, and why interior designs always go for one in their plans!

“Magic Mirror on the Wall”

This piece plays an important role in Snow White, but it can also be an important item when in reality – your house! You can buy one to increase the lighting, maximize the space and increase reflection of beautiful objects, so in the end, even though it may seem magic, it’s not, it’s just a mirror! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to reflect on this!