COVID-19 has had a drastic impact on the economy, with many people losing their jobs or having their hours cut back. If your household is struggling, you might be wondering where to find the money to pay the rent or the mortgage and cover the bills that just keep coming in. If this sounds all too familiar, here are four options to turn to for financial assistance.

Small Cash Loans

Step one, when you find yourself in this situation, is to take stock of all of your outstanding bills and overdue invoices, and prioritize the ones that cannot be put off or negotiated. You may need to take out a small cash loan to pay these essential and immediate expenses.

The critical consideration here is to choose a loan with a reasonable interest rate and generous repayment terms. There are many alternatives to payday loans out there with more favorable conditions, but to find them, you need to do your research carefully. Try to only borrow the minimum amount that you need to get you through this tough spot.

Apply for Government Relief Measures

If you haven’t yet thought to find out if you are entitled to any government assistance, now is the time to look into it. You may be eligible for paid leave, tax postponement, rent relief, health insurance options, or help with your utility bills. The government has put together these packages to support people through this challenging time, so don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed of reaching out for help.

While it can be overwhelming to work your way through all the information out there and fill in the paperwork, these assistance packages could help you get back on your feet and tide you over until you have a steady income source again.

Ring Your Utility Providers

Even outside of the current pandemic, most utility providers are happy to work with you if you are having trouble paying your bills. You can give them a call to discuss payment plans and ask them to waive overdue fees. Remember, if you can’t pay your bills, then they don’t get their money, and engaging the services of a debt recovery agency is expensive.

The best outcome for both parties is to reach a mutually beneficial agreement where they help you to repay the amount you owe. Plus, at the moment, state governments are working with utility providers to ensure they don’t shut off essential services to those who are struggling.

Visit Your Local Food Bank

Wondering how to find the cash for groceries this week with no money in the bank and maxed out credit cards in your wallet? There is a network of food banks all around the country that can help you out. Organizations work with manufacturers, grocery stores, and restaurants to rescue food that might otherwise go to waste.

Food banks work hard to redistribute this food to those in need. You can visit any of these food banks to get a healthy and nourishing meal for yourself and your family. Some also offer boxes of groceries that you can take home for the week ahead.

These are incredibly tough times for a lot of families. Many people have even started comparing it to the Great Depression. Now is the time to reach out for the help you need to keep a roof over your head and food on the table.