Most people take their eyes for granted and hence fail to appreciate the amazing gift that they have been presented by God. The eyes are the main part of the human body and it represents one of the six senses of the human body as well. It represents the sense of sight, and with the introduction of gadgets in our lives we have started using them continuously without any regard to what the blue light from these devices can do to our eyes. An optometrist is a doctor that has specialization  to treat the eyes. 

Here are some of the steps that an optometrist recommends for maintaining the health of our eyes.

The intake of the right food that help the eyes to remain healthy:

An optometrist would recommend a person to take a lot of fruits and vegetables every day since it is a great source of all the different vitamins required for the healthy functioning and maintenance of the eye. This enables the eyes and the rest of the body to get the nutrients that they require, hence making it a win-win situation for the doctors.

Breaking of bad habits:

Many people in the world have succumbed to some very dangerous bad habits such as smoking, drinking and also drugs. These are very harmful to the human body and also can harm the eyes of the individual. Every optometrist advice that people should stop falling to such bad habits, especially smoking.

Continuously wearing the prescribed glasses:

When a person is prescribed glasses by the optometrist, then they should wear the glasses at all times. One of the most dangerous things to do when having prescription glasses is to wear for a short amount of time and then not wearing them for a while, since it can lead to a faster increase in the power in the eyes, which is the measure for how much the eye is out of focus.

Regular maintenance of contact lenses:

Contact lenses are those small lenses that a person can put on their eye directly instead of glasses. Since these are in direct contact with the eye, they cause a lot of irritation and they are very hard to get used to. Optometrists have given some very specific schedules and methods of cleaning and wearing these lenses and this must be strictly followed by those who wear contact lenses.

Having control over high BP and also diabetes

Every optometrist stress on the importance of maintaining the health of the entire human body which in turn will help in keeping the eyes healthy. Keeping diseases or disorders such as High BP and also high cholesterol and diabetes under check and also being careful about the food intake when you have such disorders is very important and must never be neglected.

Here is how to know if you are suffering from some form of eye dysfunction. The usual symptoms are irritation felt in the eye, not being able to read very easily from a long distance, eyes going dry after some time, some spots suddenly appearing in front of you. Etc. Even if one of these symptoms are felt then it is recommended that you visit the optometrist as soon as possible as it can be taken care off in an initial stage rather wait for it to become worse and then eventually having to wear glasses for the rest of your life. Eye care is very important and it cannot be stressed enough. Afterall, we all know, how important it is to everyone to function in their normal day to day lives.