Win the race with mens knee high compression socks!

Win the race with mens knee high compression socks!

Are sports compression socks really what they are thought to be? If you’re baffled about mens running compression socks, you must explore the potential advantages of these compression socks and decide if the compression gear is a must-have accessory for your running arsenal. 

As a matter of fact, compression socks have infiltrated the whole new running world and it seems that these are now the must-know running terms. You’ll also come across women’s running compression socks . The proof is always in front of you when you’ll look around and see so many runners wearing sporting compression socks and sleeves as they run down the trail. There are many athletes who swear by them and most of the runners are convinced that with these compression socks on, they will reach athletic zenith. When you talk to any of the compression socks customers, you’ll realize that these have so many advantages like performance enhancement, injury prevention, shorter recovery period and so much more. To be precise, these compression socks are must haves for the runners who want to increase their speed and are awesome for long-distance running. 

Let’s dig in to find out whether these men’s compression socks help you or not!

Compression socks are basically the socks that are used for elasticity and are designed to be worn up towards the knee just like steroids or tube socks. These are the ones that might stretch over to your knee or the foot up or might begin at the ankle upto the sleeve. These are super strong knee socks that will squeeze your around the calf and compress your veins towards the surface of the leg along with arteries and leg’s muscles. 

Timeline of Compression Socks

New Stone Age

You can trace back compression therapy to the Neolithic period and especially to the times when cavemen were seen with this trend just before the marathon buddies started using these compression socks. There are cave paintings that date back to 500 BCE that depict the images of army soldiers with bandaged legs and as per the researchers, these were the bandages that were used for compression and were considered the evidence in all the types of therapies. 


There’s another era of Hippocrates when the famous doctor used compression bandages for preventing the blood from pooling in the leg of the patient. It was a time that dates back to 450 and 350 BC.

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Modern Era

In the new century, there were new methods of compression therapy used by elastic bands, bandages, and adhesives. These were the days when compression therapy was used in so many medical conditions like circulatory problems, diabetes, deep vein thrombosis, circulatory problems, leg ulcers, leg swelling, and so on. 

As per the recent decades, compression therapy has taken a leap from medical treatment to athletic gear. Compression socks are now worn by recreation runners and professional athletes. 

So, if you’re searching for the right men’s or women’s running compression socks, then it’s time for you to check out a few favorites!

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