5 Benefits of Puppy Vaccinations In Ireland

As per the American Veterinary Medical Association, puppy vaccinations have saved millions of lives over the years. If you’re the one who’s among the 36% population that owns a pet, either dog or cat, we hope that you give serious attention to their vaccination schedule. From puppy vaccinations, cat vaccinations to dog vaccinations, everything is very important. 

1. It Prevents Serious Disease

One of the most common benefits of cat/dog vaccinations is disease prevention. Either you can decrease the chances of illness or completely eliminate them. It’s very crucial for you to begin the vaccine cycle when your pets are young because the younger the animal, the more risky it is for it. Serious diseases might enter its body when not taken care of properly. The vaccination cycles build up the immunity over time and encourage the pet’s immune system for the creation of additional antibodies. So, before you adopt a pet, make sure that you go for pet vaccinations. 

2. It’s Legal 

One of the best things about cat/dog vaccinations is that these are part of legal laws. It’s required by every state and country. Even if you have a pet as an indoor animal keep in mind to get it vaccinated. 

3. Safety

The best part about being a dog owner is the community and friendships that you form in the dog parks and meetups with owners of the same community. Also, if your pet is a social butterfly, it’s good to help your dog get into the vaccination because its safe for the animals around him as well. Unless you vaccinate your pet, there’s a huge chance that your dog/cat might make other animals sick. So when you get your pets vaccinated, you might save lives. It’s really important for the safety of your animal and the others around it. 

4. A Financially Smart Decision

Owning a pet is a financially exhausting decision with all the boarding costs, toys, dog food, grooming and so much more. However when you get into the vet costs, the bills can triple right in front of your eyes. So, it’s always suggested that you go for the ‘pet emergency fund’ because it’s something that will help you in case of emergencies. Vaccinations are one of the greatest ways to save money if you’re thinking of going down the line. Vaccinations are not always cheap but they will cost a fraction of all the costs of medication and bills that are associated with curing and identifying diseases and illnesses. Thus, it’s very important to invest in the healthcare of your pet by indulging your interest in dog vaccinations. 

5. You’re Safe Too! 

Every pet owner is willing to keep their pet healthy and now you might have learned that vaccination is an important part of safety. Additionally, if you’re taking care of the 4 legged friends, vaccination will protect you and your family against the germs, illnesses and diseases that are carried on to others by your pets. This might also include serious diseases like Leptospirosis and Rabies. So, if you’ve pets and children around, make sure that you go for cat and dog vaccinations in Ireland.

Please understand that it’s a social obligation to vaccinate your pets!