Skin Bleaching

There’s a new trend on the rise and it’s picking up steam—skin bleaching.  The health and beauty world has grown increasingly fond of perfect skin, and bleaching is one way to achieve it.  More and more people are striving to have a consistent and smoother complexion to bring out their skin tones, and skin bleaching cream is a beauty product can help them achieve it.

There are a couple ways to naturally bleach your skin.  A popular method is to utilize the properties of food to lighten and tone the skin.  While it may seem a little absurd at first to put certain foods on your skin in hopes to lighten your complexion, but it is true that the food around us has natural capabilities in lightening skin.

Foods and Skin Bleaching

Take yogurt, for example.  Yes, your breakfast snack is packed full of natural ingredients that benefit the skin, and for whitening purposes, yogurt contains lactic acid, which has bleaching properties.  Basically, you can use yogurt to smear on your face like a facemask, allowing it to remain on your skin for a few minutes for optimal effects, then rinsing with lukewarm water.

Consider other foods that are commonly listed in the ingredient list of your favorite beauty products.  Essentially, fruit with high amounts of vitamin E or vitamin C are utilized because of their nourishing abilities and skin-repairing properties, so you might come across facial scrubs, lotions, and cleansers with various fruit extracts.  For skin bleaching, you can build on this idea by taking papayas, oranges, lemons, or other fruits with these high levels of vitamin C and apply them as you would like any other face wash or cleanser.

Many people also turn to natural exfoliators for help in lightening their skin.  Oatmeal is by far one of the most popular ways to exfoliate by using a food.  Oatmeal flakes provide a rough texture to remove old skin cells and make way for lighter, newer ones.  You can combine oatmeal with other foods to make an exfoliating mixture.

Using Skin Bleaching Products

On the other side of the skin bleaching trend are the products specifically designed to whiten and perfect your skin.  So far, these products like Intilight, obviously do a more effective job than using foods.  Many of these products are still just as natural as other organic methods but will produce better results that are longer lasting because that is what they are designed for.  It makes sense and in the long run, is easier to purchase one bottle of skin bleaching product than use your food to bleach your skin!

Skin bleaching beauty products work by altering the production of your skin’s melanin, a natural pigment produced by your skin cells.  There are some skin whitening products that affect tyrosinase repressing it to give the impression of bleached skin.  While skin bleaching products vary in their methods of bleaching skin, the action of controlling the expression of the pigments remains similar.

Which Method Should You Use?

You can certainly try both methods of skin bleaching to lighten your complexion, especially if you select a skin bleaching product that naturally bleaches so it doesn’t cause any adverse effects.  You are likely aware that using a skin bleaching cream will have more vivid effects than using fruits or other foods in an attempt to lighten your skin tone because their formulas are thoroughly designed to do so.  In choosing a skin bleaching cream, do your research and find a cream that has been reviewed and developed by a certified dermatologist like Intilight.