Sexless Marriage

Of late, have you noticed it’d been an extended period of time when you have gone through your marriage without having sex with your partner? If this period has been for a long while, then know that the sexless marriage could mean different things to each couple. And the problems between each couple may not stem from the same reasons; it is important to discover the underlying issues in order to dissipate the situation that creates a lack of physical intimacy, a single partner feeling completely satisfied and disconnected from their partner.

Here are some reasons that your sexless marriage requires you as couples to go through couples counselling or marriage counselling in London:

First off, let’s address the fact that changes in any couple sex life are quite normal, especially when there are kids and other major changes in the picture. Even so, it is quite possible for couples to maintain an active sex life throughout their marriage/relationship. However, these are some of the factors that could lead to a sexless marriage on a long-term basis. Addressing these in a couples therapy in London wherein a relationship counsellor could mediate talks and activities to figure out the root issue of the couple could help them save their relationship.

  • Stress – success, only known as a powerful way of relieving stress for many people. However, when couples experience physiological stress, either one or both could find it hard to relax or become aroused. By speaking about this with experts known for relationship therapy in London, they can help you prioritise making stress management a part of your life and suggest healthy ways to relax and cope while still enjoying a sexually active marriage.

  • Unresolved conflict – physical intimacy often leads to emotional intimacy. However, it also works the other way round. So if partners are in a situation where there are unresolved conflicts between them, then due to a lack of trust, openness and or other emotional disconnects, it could cause Major conflict and become a huge barrier in the bedroom. By having tough conversations and working together to resolve the challenges one face in their marriage/partnership or relationship, In utilising the appropriate tools and resources, they are taught during the marriage counselling sessions to flourish in communication on forming an impeccable bond that binds them together in a sexually active relationship.

  • Mismatched sex drive – when two people are yoked together in a relationship where they both have natural temperaments that don’t often feel satisfied with each other; there are incompetence and a mismatch in sex drive. As a result of this, there could be many issues in a sexless marriage. By reaching out to couples therapy in London, you go to rebuild the trust and frustrations that occur due to mismatched and misaligned sex drives. Setting an appealing goal for each of the partners could help create an environment where not only is it comment to open up about one’s sex drive and steer away from a sexless marriage.