Lighting Design

The more rigorous definition of lighting selection in home decoration should be called “lighting design” in interior design The color and brightness of light, the range and angle of illumination, the way of illumination and the reflection coefficient of the surface material of the object decide the lighting effect of the indoor scene.

To meet the lighting requirements of the functional areas, the functional requirements of the local space are the first to be considered For example, the basic lighting of the entry area, the illumination requirement of the reading area, the illumination and color rendering index of the cooking area and the dining area, the illumination requirement of the clothing storage area, and the color rendering index requirement of the light source etc. Before you buy a light fixture, make sure you have a good idea of the scene.

Here are lighting concepts from seven home functional areas.

1. Entryway

The porch is related to the first impression of the home, and it is appropriate to highlight the individuality of the space in terms of space lighting. Attention should be paid to avoid the light casting a shadow on the face of the person entering the house, so the position is more suitable at the junction of the entrance and the Interior While avoiding the sole source of light.

Traditional lighting only plays a basic lighting role, without considering the convenience of use. The human body will block the focus light, the limited light source will also let the Porch Ark Shadow block the line of sight, resulting in a visit when it is very inconvenient to change shoes.

Entryway requires uniform ambient light as the main light source, can be high-intensity downlight-based, average and sufficient light.

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Porch Mirror: Porch Mirror can be set headlamp, also can be set light band, avoid shadow chromatic aberration to the person’s vision influence.

Shoe Cabinet: The Shoe Cabinet is best suspended, the bottom can be used for temporary placement of shoes, lights can be set up as a supplementary lighting

Switch design: the lighting switch should be at the entrance of the wall close to the door, or the application of induction light switch, easy to open without the need to fumble in the dark.

Lighting: Lighting Design to be bright but not dazzle, avoid light source is too strong and make porch visual focus monotonous and boring. Entryway lighting can take into account the level of change, color changes, such as warm , cool.

2. Living Room

The sitting room is a family to meet, chat, entertainment audio-visual place, is the home very important public activity place, to create a warm and relaxed sitting room atmosphere, is not simple. Living Room lighting needs to be diversified, with basic lighting as well as focus and interest lighting, some people may also be in the living room layout workbench, reading angle, and so on, these different scenes of life can be completed through the light changes.

The living room lighting only needs to illuminate the entire area evenly, does not need to be too strong, uses the scattered environment light source to be able to adjust the spatial brightness better.

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Basic lighting: basic lighting can be used roof lamp, its light with warm white light is most suitable, it can keep the whole space fresh and natural, faint yellow light can also make the living room warmer. Top light selection should be based on the Living Room area, height and style to determine.

If the floor height is less than 2.6 meters, you can use the ceiling light to make the living room look high, and with a local lighting floor lamp, Wall Lamp, downlight (2700k-3000k warm light) increase cordial, harmonious atmosphere, but not too much.

If the living room is tall and large, to coordinate the difference in the brightness of the space, can use droplight, can highlight the magnificence of the space

On a 2.5-3 W / M2 basis with a ceiling or downlight/spotlight, the ceiling light is installed in the middle of the sofa — the TV area or directly above the coffee table, not in the middle of the room.

Lighting Design

Auxiliary Lighting: The Traditional Living Room, with a ceiling lamp or fluorescent lamp, you can easily illuminate the whole space. But the lack of features and variability, can not be based on the behavior of space users to make corresponding adjustments.

Living Room can try to reduce the use of main lights, more use of indirect lighting, downlight, spotlights, floor lamps, lamps, and other combinations, distributed in every corner of the space of small light sources, can be combined to render a soft, bright, full, layered effect.

Spotlights, the downlight is a typical non-main light, modern sense strong, prominent focus.

Sofa Area: A table lamp/floor lamp on each side of the Sofa is easy to read. If you prefer to watch TV with the lights off, you may need a table lamp or floor lamp on the side of the TV to protect your vision. Sofa side can be set according to preferences floor lamp, alone when watching TV or reading can be local lighting

TV Area:

In the area of the TV wall, it can increase the light Downier, more even indirect illuminant. Like a light belt or some small table lamp. It’s more relaxing. The top of the TV can be fitted with a light groove to provide diffuse reflection light for the whole space, reduce the brightness difference between the TV screen and the back, and relieve visual fatigue. The top of the TV wall adopts Hidden Light Belt to reduce the brightness difference between the TV screen and the wall and relieve visual fatigue.

In the corner next to the TV, you can add a floor lamp, which can make the living room appear more layered, also can when you watch TV, provide soft mid-visual light, let your eyes have a more comfortable experience. At the same time, a high-looking floor lamp is also a decoration to enhance them family-style.

Painted living room edge area will generally have decorative hanging pictures, can use the adjustable angle of the track spotlights to provide lighting, while providing indirect lighting for the nearby space, guests can enjoy the fine hanging pictures at home.

3. Bedroom

The bedroom is the space that rests, downy comfortable light and humanized switch control are particularly important. The bedroom is the place that a person stays in the home the longest, careful design bedroom illuminates, be helpful to build a bedroom romance, sweet, comfortable atmosphere. Bedroom lighting to indirect or diffuse appropriate. The top of the color to light, so that the effect of light emission is good. For the indirect or diffuse effect is better, can be in a lamplight bag with layer light qualitative transparent mantle cloth, make the room looks full of emotional appeal. In the bedroom with some different lighting sources rich bedroom lighting, soft, do not hurt the eyes, help sleep.

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Basic Lighting: The overall lighting can be installed in the middle of the bedroom (on the ceiling at the end of the bed), away from the position where the light will come into view when lying down. Diffused light-type ceiling lamp or modeling droplight, can illuminate the whole bedroom. The arrangement of soft light strips lifts the ceiling and provides light assistance to the entire space through indirect lighting through diffuse reflections, making it feel comfortable overall.

Pillow lighting: The two sides of the bed can choose wall lamp or droplight, so will not take up the space of the bedside cabinet.

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If the more afraid of the dark, you can set up a weak light at the end of the bed corner light, increase the sense of security. All you need to do to sleep at night is turn on a little light.

Night-time special lighting: The night light is suggested to be set on both sides of the bed so that when someone gets up at night, it can avoid affecting the rest of the family.

Can Be in the bed, under the cabinet with a ring of lights out of sight, the switch is set in the head of the bed, creating a soft night light, does not affect your partner sleep enough to illuminate the ground, and will not be drowsy when the bright light stimulation.

Wardrobe local lighting: the Wardrobe of local lighting, is to facilitate the user to open the wardrobe, can see inside the situation. Cloakroom needs even, achromatic environment lamp, both sides of the mirror set light belt, wardrobe and shelf should have additional lighting. It is best to choose less heating LED products. Suggested that the wardrobe installation led sensor lights, the door is bright, lights off.

Switch design: basic lighting ceiling lamp, Chandelier, light belt to use double control switch (a switch in the door position, a switch at the head of the bed), after lying down, forget to turn off the lights are not afraid, anyway, the hand can be turned off.


The main light source choose low illuminance, low color temperature light, reasonable lighting installation position should avoid lying down glare stimulate eyes

4. Aisle

Aisles are often long and Drab, but with the right movement and lighting, you can walk comfortably through them. Can Hang adornment picture on the wall, adornment, make metope has simple line change, use lamplight to be decorated again, can create abundant space expression.


Wall Lamp:

The lighting of the corridor does not have to be installed on the ceiling, can be installed on the sidewall, using the light reflected from the light indirect lighting, so that space will look more three-dimensional, and the atmosphere is more gentle.

Sensible footlights:

The home has the old person corridor to be possible to install the warm color induction footlight, which will rise the night to be more convenient.

5. Dining room

It’s not just the taste that keeps you going, it’s also the looks. Lighting design is the key to the restaurant, the light hit just right, not only the atmosphere and style of full marks, the food under the light seem to be attractive.

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Chandelier Distance Table Top 80 centimeters is suitable, does not block the line of sight.

Chandelier head down, so that the dishes can be attractive; if the head up, only to the restaurant to provide the overall uniform light, and can not focus on lighting the table, rather than functional lighting.

The table below 1.2 meters small can use a single chandelier, more than 1.4 meters recommended chandeliers

TABLE MULTI-PURPOSE: table reading such a high demand for the brightness of the activities, the main lamp should choose an adjustable light source or increase table lamp floor lamp such as working lights. It is best to use the lampshade down, illumination can not be less than 500 lumens

Sideboard display case:

The side display cabinet can be provided with a light belt as a contour atmosphere lamp;


(1) color rendering

Light color rendering of more than 85, restore the real color dishes.

Color temperature

3000k or so of warm light is more appropriate, restaurant lights try to choose warm/yellow light, such as color temperature, food looks more attractive. The light is warm and soft, and the dining atmosphere is much more pleasant.

6. Kitchen

The kitchen is the brightest part of the house and needs to be set to brighter ambient light. Many of the family’s kitchen lights are integrated ceiling led square lights, generally located in the center of the room, to meet the basic kitchen lighting. But we still have in the kitchen cutting vegetables, washing dishes and other functional requirements, people are blocking the back of the light source, it is necessary to prepare food operation area, washing area equipped with an independent light source, the light source to be sufficient, so the bottom of the cabinet is essential. Kitchen lighting differs from other spaces, more emphasis on functionality, decorative lighting can be used less, or not.

  •  Tips

COUNTERTOP/cabinet lighting: additional lighting should be added to the kitchen counter and sink. Can Add bottom lamp in ambry below, when cooking Mesa can be more bright.

Shelf lighting: There are more storage areas in the kitchen, can be installed on the shelf with lights, easy to take and put things.

3. Lights

(1) chromaticity

The main light source of lighting should be chosen to display more than 90 of the lamps and lanterns, food color performance truer.

Color temperature

Kitchen lighting with a 5000K-6000K color temperature of sunlight is more appropriate because in the kitchen operation must be the long-term focus, white light to maintain the role of the strongest excitement, but also can easily find kitchen dirt, being too warm or too cold can affect your judgment of the ingredients.

7. Bathroom

The lamps in the bathroom are similar to those in the kitchen, featuring an integrated ceiling lamp. Although the area of the bathroom is not large, the lighting inside is very famous. The light of the toilet is set unreasonable, can appear shadow before the mirror human face, unfavorable make-up, shave wait for facial ministry clean activity.

  • Tips

Basic Lighting:

The ceiling light is installed not in the middle of the room, but between the shower area and the toilet.

The one on the top of the TUB needs to avoid the side of the head, or it will be very harsh when you look up from the bath.

Create even and soft light, avoid the influence of the central light source to the eyes.

Mirror lighting:

There should be light strips on both sides of the Mirror to avoid the shadow on your face when you look in the mirror. Makeup area, color temperature 4000K, color rendering above 80ra

Mirror cabinet lighting: Mirror Cabinet placed under the position of bath supplies, the same can be added with lights.

Switch design: the bathroom lighting switch is better installed outside the door, the switch panel had better choose with indicator light, more convenient to get up at night.

Today, our demand for lighting has already risen from the use of lighting to aesthetic needs, in lighting design, not only in the use of more comfortable but also to harvest a higher-looking home. Choose appropriate lamps and lanterns, can be used to balance a variety of elements in interior design, hope this article can help you shape a more perfect home environment. More questions:

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