glass balustrade

The main reason why balustrades were designed was to prevent people from falling off from higher floors. Obviously, there is no one who would like to take a tumble. Though there is wide range of balustrades in the market, of late the glass versions have been creating a unique identity of their own. So it is not a matter of surprise that they are being used in buildings and office spaces. The advantage of glass balustrades is that it is very appealing to the eyes. It has made a lot of headway and is ascending to a more dignified level.

If you are thinking of a support for your staircase, why not opt for glass balustrades? They have gone on to become an instant hit in the last few years.

The Benefits of Glass Balustrades

glass balustrade.

Glass balustrades occupy an important space in modern architecture. The benefits are as follows

  • Enhances the beauty of the building: The major benefit of glass balustrade is that it adds to the beauty and elegance of a building. As glass reflects and plays with light, a different visual appeal is provided. In case, you are planning to sell your home, the elegant piece of glass should force the buyers to pay you more.
  • Glass is not going to block the light in any way: Another reason of glass balustrade being popular is that they will not block entry of light. One can easily catch a glimpse of the surroundings. If there is a beautiful pool area or a garden, glass is not going to block the view. In hindsight, it does ensure that your home is beautifully lit at all times.
  • Can be maintained and cleaned easily: For sure, this is one of the main features of glass balustrade – it is easy to maintain. The ones made of other materials are difficult to clean as they could be intricately designed. All you need to do is to use a cleaner and wipe the dirt off in a few minutes. In case, a scratch emerges, polishing can restore the original shine. In fact, this works out to be a major advantage in comparison to wood or steel balustrades.
  • Goes on to bestow the illusion of more space: Glass does provide people with an illusion that there is more space in the premises. This is the case if it is incorporated with clean and crystal-clear glass. What it means is that a a space appears larger than what is the case normally. This is something that cannot be achieved with other options.
  • Design versatility: Another added benefit of glass balustrade is that it goes on to provide a versatile design. You could combine glass with a variety of materials and this is available in a variety of colors and framing options. Whatever be the décor in a building, glass is considered to be the best option.
  • Durable: For a lot of us, glass is a delicate material. But this is not the case. It is durable as well. As it is more resistant than wood, any form of pest infestation is reduced to a large extent. The best part about glass is that it is known to age slowly when you compare it to other materials. Because of the excellent durability, it is an investment worth in itself.