Clean House Windows

So, you’re sitting in your lounge on a sunny Saturday morning, enjoying your bacon and eggs, and you look out the window to admire your beautiful garden. But there’s a problem. Everything looks brown and murky. Your shockingly dirty windows are totally destroying the beauty of your little piece of Eden, at least from inside the house. Now you’re faced with an impossible choice: stay inside and enjoy your breakfast in the confines of what might as well be a prison, or go outside and face an al-fresco onslaught of flies and bugs and Zika-bearing mosquitoes.

Faced with this impossible choice, you ponder this imponderable: if only there was an easy way to get windows crystal clear. Because, you know, if it was easy and effective, you would have clean windows all the time. And if you had clean windows you wouldn’t have to go outside to enjoy your garden, and you can have your bacon without being devoured by the wildlife.

But wait! Don’t despair! We have the solution to your problem. Read on.

The Best Way to Clean House Windows (and possibly the answer to life, the universe, and everything — but probably not)

Professional window cleaners know exactly how to clean a window with a sparkling sparkle. That’s why they’re the pros, duh! If you knew their secrets, you would be the pro guru window sparkler person. And you can be if you wanted. But don’t worry, we’ll keep your secret identity a secret. But what’s not really a secret is how to get your windows gleaming and crystal clear. It’s literally on the internet, where you are currently reading this article. Aren’t you the intrepid sleuth?

Are you ready? Here we go!

Ditch the Rag, Grab a Squeegee:

You hate cleaning your windows because it’s such a chore. News flash: all the effort of trying to clean your windows with a cloth is unnecessary and ineffective. Professional window cleaners use squeegees, not rags. Soap it up with the sponge side, wipe off all the liquid with the rubber side. Done!

Use a Lint-Free Cloth:

What? A cloth? But you just said not to use a cloth! Sure, but somehow you need to wipe away the leftover bits of water everywhere the squeegee won’t reach. Use a microfiber cloth for that, or sturdy, highly-absorbent paper towels, otherwise your magic squeegee work will be for naught.

Don’t get burned in the sun:

Stay inside and drink beer on your sunny day. Don’t clean your windows. Seriously, it’s far too hot. The window cleaner will dry before you get a chance to wipe it away. Wait for a cloudy day instead.

Dust first:

Water + dust = mud. That’s quite a simple equation to understand, even if you can’t do mathematics. Remove the dust, avoid the mud. Simple.

Use vinegar:

Sure, you can use off-the-shelf window cleaner, but you can make your own mix that’s even more effective. Mix half a cup of white vinegar with four cups of water, and add half a teaspoon of dish-washing liquid. Put it in a spray bottle, and voila, super-efficient window-sparkle juice.

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