Owning a car is one of the best achievements in life. It is like a rite of passage into adulthood for many of us. It also shows that now you are capable of showing responsibility. After all, owning a car is just the first step. It is what comes after that really show cases your sense of responsibility. Like any other machine, a vehicle also requires care and maintenance. For instance, the oil must be regularly changed. The tires need to be inflated properly. Similarly, the car needs a regular wash to get rid of dirt and other contaminants.

Unfortunately, many of us fail to do so. The end result is not at all a happy one. The car begins to break down more frequently. Sometimes the repair costs offset the budget and you begin to question whether the car was worth the investment. What if we tell you that it is certainly worth the investment provided you invest in Car Periodic Maintenance? Changing the engine oil, a regular wash, and other simple tasks can help keep the vehicle in top condition.

Ceramin Coating

Speaking of condition, the first thing that people notice is the car’s exterior. That means that they look at its shape and paint job. No matter how stylish the overall look is, if the paint job is poor then it gives a wrong impression. People might think that the car was poorly maintained or involved in an accident. If you want to sell the vehicle, these are the last things you want the prospective buyer to think.

What can you do to protect the car’s paint job? The answer is quite simple honestly. It involves a little investment but it will ensure that the paint remains in its original look. However, before we talk more about this investment, let us discuss what other things you can opt for to protect the paint job.


A regular wash will remove the dirt and contaminants that are stuck on the paint. You might not realize it but they are actually responsible for ruining the paint job to a greater extent. If the paint is fading or has visible chip marks then 9 times out of 10, they are the culprits. However, sometimes these contaminants cannot be removed even with a power wash.


If a regular wax is unable to get the job done, we recommend waxing. Please note that waxing does not replace the need for washing. They often go hand in hand. However, modern waxes can stick onto the car for periods of 6 months. A wax adds shine to the paint and also a layer of protection. It prevents the paint from fading and protects it against any sorts of contaminants.

But what if you want added car paint protection? Well, in that case, it is time we discuss about the little investment that was mentioned above.

Ceramic Coating

Many of you know what this is especially if you have been a car owner for long. For others, this is a simple liquid polymer. The polymer is applied to a car’s exterior using hands. Please note that tools can be used but for the best results, experts recommend application by hand. The polymer chemically bonds with the car’s paint, creating an extra layer. This extra layer can be referred to as a protective layer that protects the paint job from different types of damage.


For our readers in the UAE, we would like to mention a company called PitStopArabia. They are offering car paint protection including ceramic coating for cars in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. Their workforce is quite skilled and professional. Therefore, if you are in need of paint protection in Dubai / UAE, we recommend that you check them out. So far, we have heard nothing but good about them. Do share your experience with us. It is also offering all types of ceramic coating including CQuartz and Nanolex.

Let us take a look at the advantages ceramic coating provides.

Protection Against Harmful Rays

Ultraviolet rays from the sun are harmful for the car’s paint job. That is why you hear all the time that you should not park your car in direct sunlight for long periods. Otherwise, the paint begins to crack and fade. But if you have ceramic coating then there is not a lot to worry. The coat prevents the rays from reaching into the paint to damage them.

If you are living in the UAE, it is one more reason to opt for it. Why? Well, it is quite obvious actually. The UAE has a warm climate and the sunlight is more intensive than European countries. Therefore, we highly recommend our readers in the UAE to go for ceramic coating. This is the bare minimum that you should do to protect the paint.

Extra Value

Another advantage that ceramic coating offers is that it increases the car’s value. Imagine that you wish to sell the vehicle. You give an ad on different websites. Prospective buyers come to have a look at the car. There are two ways how this can go down. The first is that they look at the car and the paint job is in poor condition. Naturally, they are dissuaded from paying a good value for it. Even you would not meet the seller’s demand if the paint job is damaged.

On the other hand, buyers come to visit the vehicle. The paint job is in perfect condition along with the other car parts and interior. They notice that you even have ceramic coating. It indicates that the car has been properly cared and maintained. They would be willing to meet your asking price and even pay more because of the car’s top condition.


Wrap Up

This concludes our article today. We hope that you find it informative and we have adequately covered the topic, i.e. purpose of ceramic coating and its advantages. If you feel that we have missed out any important point, please do let us know. We are always looking forward to the feedback of our readers. Thank You.

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