Any serious business owner will always need to add pay-per-click to his marketing strategies. Irrespective of the kind of digital marketing strategy you have been using, it might never be enough if you don’t take advantage of PPC.

With the advent of Covid-19, everyone had to operate basically from home. It means business owners have more opportunities to exploit marketing in this area.

You may need to know that PPC helps you secure connection or access to people worldwide, in fact, people you have no idea you can access. In addition, PPC gives you the ability to go beyond your locality. As a result, you will make more profit.

However, in as much as PPC could be the answer to the increase you’ve been clamoring for, competition for online advertising and PPC has increased, especially with the rise in big marketing agencies that tend to make the competition intense. It means you need the right strategies to keep yourself in the market.

The purpose of this blog is to show you the proven tactics that can help you outshine the competition in the market. In addition, the strategies will help your business stand with the more prominent brands out there when considering Google ads for small business.

PPC: What you should know about

Information is vital, and when it comes to PPC, the best thing you can do for yourself is to have the necessary information. First, you must understand the common KPIs (key performance indicators) used to measure how successful your PPC campaign is; they include;

  • Cost per conversion
  • Cost per lead
  • Lead generation
  • Cost per click
  • Click-through rate
  • Total skills

There are other indicators on which most business owners put their focus. For example, instead of focusing on mere clicks, clients now tend to monitor their qualified leads and inbound calls.

Knowing clicks alone will not get you where you need to be because it could be deceiving. Having a lot of clicks does not translate into leads; neither does it translate into conversions. The goal of PPC marketing, however, is to ensure customer conversion. It’s all about making sure customers sign up for your product or for the services you offer, and that’s why you need to understand the strategies or tactics that will help you stand out.

Four Tactics to Outshine Competition

Now, let’s move into the crux of the matter. We want to see how we can have quick PPC wins by outshining our competition.

1. Proper Research on PPC:

The first and the best tactic to win massively through PPC is to do proper research on the concept of PPC. It’s one of the reasons you are currently reading this page. Any PPC campaign that lacks proper research is bound to fail. What does this mean? It means you need first to examine your goals and how you can achieve them with PPC campaigns.

If you have already been using PPC, it goes beyond the conventional method. It’s much more about doing proper research before launching out. Only a few business owners do the appropriate research before launching their campaigns. It will always mean that they will not get the result they desire.  Doing proper research is essential, and it helps to align goals according to a brand.

Another thing you need to take seriously is keyword research. No PPC campaign can be successful without using the proper keywords. Using keywords is the only method your customers will find you smoothly. If you want to access customers from all over the world, then do proper keyword research to position yourself to the best customer out there.

2. Focus on your Ad Copy:

A customer will only sign-up for your products or services depending on how you’ve presented them to him. It is where ad copy comes in. Never joke with ad copies because they determine how you can express what you can offer a customer.

Your Ad copies will determine whether a customer will find you valuable or not. Moreover, an ad copy is the first thing your customer will see. You will be doing something wrong if you cannot use it to draw people to your website.

Ensure your Ad copy is impactful. The headline should be attention-grabbing, ensure you have your unique selling point (USP), and make sure you point it out.

You don’t have the entire space for Ad copy because it must not be too long so that you won’t make it boring, but you have to be sure it answers what your customers are looking for. Lastly, make sure you use call-to-action.

3. Retarget your previous audience

Another way to outshine your competitors is to retarget your previous audience. What does this mean?

You must understand that it is not every click that converts to customers. While some may lead to leads, others will convert. However, some will only click, read the ads and move away. Others could also sign up for your newsletters.

You can use this to your advantage. How? That’s why I am here to tell you. Instead of targeting fresh people, all you have to do is retarget those who read your Ad copies, those who clicked on your ads, and those who signed up for your newsletters.

These people are already interested in your product but could not sign up because of one thing or another. Retargeting them will help you to remind them, and perhaps they may sign up this time around. It’s better than targeting randomly new people whose chances of converting are low.

4. Bid Automation

Think about this, instead of incorporating your bid manually, how about automating it? All you have to do is to set it up, and you are good to go. You will only need to monitor it.

Bid Automation is less tedious than the manual method of bidding because when you work manually, you might need to do many calculations that may be lengthy and could take time.

Bid Automation is very easy and will help you maximize your returns by choosing the best combination for your budget.


It is not enough to know about PPC but to understand how it works.

Beyond the regular PPC campaigns that are common to everyone, it’s critical to understand PPC better. Again, the purpose is all to position yourself to make more profit. If you want to outshine competitions, you should follow the steps we discussed in this blog.

The first thing is to do your research. Understand your goals and work according to them. Then ensure your Ad copies are attention-grabbing. The first thing your potential customers will see is your Ad copy. Once you refuse to make it intriguing, you are likely not to make a significant profit from your Ad. Make sure you use catchy headlines and remember to integrate call-to-action.

Also, do some retargeting to previous potential customers who already showed interest in your product but have not converted. It’s easier to convince them because they already have an interest.

Lastly, use Bid Automation to make things easier for yourself instead of going through tedious means. Read this blog if you are yet to.