New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa- Overview and How to Apply

Are you planning to start your own business in New Zealand? The New Zealand entrepreneur visa can make it possible for you. To apply, you must have a business plan and capital to invest. If approved, you can set up your business in the country and take the first step in getting a New Zealand residency. 

New Zealand offers you different types of visas to start a business in the country. With a visa in your hand, you can have your business in the country.

However, the process of applying for the New Zealand entrepreneur visa can be a little challenging, especially when you are new to the process.

Different Types of New Zealand Business Visa 

The island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean allows businessmen from all over the world to start offering services in the country. There are different types of visas for people who want to start their business in the country:

  • Entrepreneur Resident Visa

It is a type of visa that enables self-employed individuals to start their business in New Zealand for at least six months. If you are allowed, then you can be authorized to operate for a long period of time. 

  • Parent Retirement Resident Visa

If you are a parent whose child is a New Zealand citizen, then you can apply for this type of visa and start your business in the country. The Parent Retirement Resident Visa is ideal for you when you have an annual income of NZ$60,000. Also, you must have at least NZ$1 million to invest over a period of four years. 

  • Business Visitor Visa

This New Zealand entrepreneur visa is applicable for three months a year.

Apart from these, you can be an accredited employer in NZ through visas like Temporary Retirement Visitor Visa, Investor 2 Resident Visa, and Global Impact Permanent Residence Visa. 

What To Do with New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa

  • You can set up your own business in New Zealand 
  • Include your family members in the visa application
  • Stay in New Zealand for 12 months in the start-up stage of your visa

How to Apply for New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa

From work visa to partnership-based visa and post study work visa, there are different types of visas to enable you to work in New Zealand. If you are thinking of applying for the New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa, it is good to work with experienced professionals for New Zealand immigration. Experts will help you find the right way to apply for the visa. 

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