Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes also known as combined boards or corrugated fiberboard, they encounter the prerequisite of the packaging box with low cost. Paperboard containing rows of air columns are used to make corrugated boxes. The rows of air containers serve important purpose, as it makes the paper more strong even stronger than cardboard, as the air acts as a cushion for the items placed inside the corrugated box.

Corrugated boxes are available in different sizes, so that you can fit any kind of item inside it. They are light in weight and you can effortlessly break them down to stock them for future uses. Corrugated boxes are recyclable and biodegradable, which makes them environment friendly.

Corrugated box is made up of the centre fluted material known as corrugated medium and linerboard, which is the flat external sheet of paper pasted to the medium.

Types of Box Varieties Offered by Corrugated Box Suppliers

Corrugated Suppliers

  1. Single Face: Single face corrugated box has a single sheet of linerboard pasted together with corrugated medium. These types of corrugated boxes are flexible and are used for wrapping around the products to provide them shield or cushion them.
  1. Single Wall: Single wall or double face corrugated box have two sheets of liner board pasted on a corrugated medium. These types of corrugated boxes are generally found in the market and used for both shipping products and exhibiting products.
  1. Double Wall: Double wall corrugated box have two corrugated mediums and three sheets of linerboard are pasted on them. These types of corrugated boxes are required for bulky products that require strong boxes for their supply.
  1. Triple Wall: Triple wall corrugated box have three corrugated medium and four sheets of linerboards are pasted on them. Triple wall corrugated boxes are the strongest boxes and they are used for shipping heavy industrial parts and these boxes are used for making bins.

Things to Keep in Mind while Purchasing Boxes from Corrugated Box Suppliers

  • Let the corrugated box supplier know the purpose for which you are buying the box, so that he can give you the box accordingly. For example, if you are going to put bulky things inside it then they will give you triple walled corrugated box and vice versa.
  • Let the supplier know how you are going to transport the boxes so that he supplies the boxes, which can withstand long shipping journey, falls, and smashes to keep your item safe.
  • Let the Corrugated Box Suppliers know about the type of product you will carry, whether it will be fragile products or unbreakable product, so that he supplies you with the boxes that can keep your product safe and secured and he will make the size of the boxes accordingly.
  • Let the Corrugated Box Suppliers know well in advance that by when you need the boxes, so that he can customize the boxes well within the time frame.
  • Corrugated boxes are customization according to the needs of the products and this is the reason they are so famous all over the world.
  • Corrugated box suppliers make the box, which well caters to the needs of the customers, so that their products are safe and secured inside the box and their charges are affordable by everyone.

Corrugated boxes come in various designs, styles, and shapes to cater all your needs such as regular slotted container, full overlap container, one piece folder, and full telescope design. Use a packaging, which is perfect for your product, there are many types of packaging available in the market, but it can turn out to be worthless packing for your product. Choose a packing, which is worth, choose corrugated boxes to pack your product and keep them safe and secured.