Mulino Bianco Biscotti

Have you ever heard about the biscotti of Mulino Bianco? 

If yes, then be prepared for us to tease your taste buds. 

The brand for biscotti: Mulino Bianco was founded in 1974, making it one of the most authentic Italian brands of biscotti that you can find in the US. The brand has a wide variety of cookies that are mainly derived from traditional Italian household recipes. 

It was earlier found in Italy only, but it is now sold by more and more retailers in the States. Out of all the platforms, you can find most of the varieties of biscotti of Mulino Bianco at the Italian Food Online Store. 

Before you visit the platform to purchase Mulino Bianco Biscottis, learn about its varieties that are best enjoyed with a book and a warm glass of milk. Find your favorite biscotti and refill your stock for the winter!

  • Taralucci – Classic Cookie 

For someone who loves very basic and simple cookies, then you will surely enjoy the Taralucci biscotti of Mulino Bianco. These are prepared with shortcrust pastry dough, providing rich flavors and a very creamy texture. It tastes better along with a cup of hot coffee, tea, or simple unflavored milk.  

  • Abbracci – Combination Of Chocolate And Cream 

A common dilemma that every cookie lover faces might face every day is to choose between a chocolate or a cream flavored biscotti. But fortunately, Mulino Bianco biscotti – Abbracci is where you can get the best of both worlds. It combines classic shortcrust pastry with Panna cream and a considerable amount of cacao. 

  • Gemme – Apricot Flavored Biscotti 

The Gemme biscotti has a very delicious apricot filling that adds an amazing taste to the classic shortcrust pastry cookie. It is definitely the sweetest cookie among the rest of the cookies that are enlisted here in this blog. However, it is best suited as a dessert after every meal for the same reason. 

  • Nascondini – Hides A Surprise Inside 

The word “Nascondini,” meaning “hide and seek,” suggests why these Mulino Bianco biscotti got their name in Italian. These biscuits are basically the shortbread biscotti of Mulino Bianco that hides a surprise in itself. It has a delicious and flavorful chocolate filling that might have tempted you to taste these cookies. 

  • Tenerezze – Tender Cookies

 The Italian word “Tenerezza” means tenderness. Like the name, these Mulino Bianco biscotti are very tender and slowly crumble in your mouth. Once the cookies crumble, it reveals the lemon cream flavored filling underneath the shortcake biscuit. If you like to enjoy the flavor of lemon, then you will surely like these biscottis. 

  • Pan di Stelle – For The Chocolate Lovers

For all the chocolate lovers, Pan di Stelle is the biscotti for you. These cookies are prepared with hazelnuts and cocoa and are made more adorable by adding a bunch of little icing starlets. These Biscotti of Mulino Bianco have milk and honey that aids in adding a light, nutty and chocolatey flavor. The best thing about these biscottis are that it is rich in flavor yet not too heavy. 

  • Baiocchi – Opposite To Oreo 

It is pretty much the opposite of oreo. It is prepared using high-quality ingredients. These Baiocchi cookies are literally bite-sized cookies with a chocolate-hazelnut cream filling. It may be rich in flavor, but it doesn’t give you a sugar rush. These cookies are for people who always have a little room for dessert after the meal. 

  • Pannocchie – Breakfast Cookies

If you are someone who likes corn flakes, then you will definitely prefer these cookies. These Biscotti of Mulino Bianco are prepared with cornflower and true corn flakes. Thus, you can easily swap your typical cereal breakfast with these cookies. It can be a perfect breakfast for lazy weekends!