Aspects to Be Covered While Renovating: The aspects to be considered for kitchen and bathroom renovations include design, quality, proper installation, warranty and a single invoice. In restaurants, hospitals and commercial places food is cooked for large number of people.

The process can generate smoke and vapors which need to be removed to keep the environment safe. To remove these, exhaust hoods are used which have fire detection and suppression system. During kitchen renovations there are chances of damaging the hood and fire suppression system wherein fire does not get detected.

In terms of saving energy, energy efficient fixtures and appliances in the bathroom save both money and water. Innovative kitchen and bathroom renovations allow the room to appear larger and provide adequate storage space if planned well.


Steps Involved in Renovation: The first and foremost step involved in kitchen and bathroom renovations is to meet the clients and discuss their expectations. The interactions also facilitate the service provider to apprise the customers with latest trends, colors, patterns, fitment types being used and so on.

After multiple interactions, based on the budget and time available with the client, drawings are made in in three-dimensional computerized view and shown using software tools.

The designs might undergo changes as normally there is a difference between expectations and captured information. The process of refinement therefore takes place and then it is finalized before the actual work begins like Planning of plumbing, electrical fitments, cabinets and accessories, involvement of different types of specialized people, etc.

Clients normally prefer everything to be well organized so that cleaning becomes easier, therefore kitchen and bathroom renovations must be planned with this aspect in mind and appropriate set up places for all electrical appliances should be done along with adequate storage space for all items.

The contract is signed between client and renovator after both have read and agreed to the contents. Both parties are expected to follow the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract. The contract ends once the client is satisfied with the work.

Software Used: A number of different types of software is used for the process of kitchens and bathroom renovations. The three-dimensional view can be modelled using AutoCAD and other project management tools like Gantt chart, function point analysis for estimation and mind maps. The contract document, status reports, communications might use word, excel and email options.

In case of large number of kitchens and bathroom renovations the clients are given facility to see live video feed by placing CCTV cameras over the place.

Bathroom Renovation

Flooring: The different types of flooring that can be used are hardwood, laminate, natural stone and ceramic tiles. The floor can be chosen according to one’s taste and the budget. Ceramic tiles are popular as they are durable, easy to maintain, resistant to scratches and environment friendly. They are also available in a number of colors, textures, shapes, sizes and are resistant to fire as well as water.

Components Required: Some of the components required in kitchen and bathroom renovations include drinking water systems having provision for filtered, cold and hot water, cabinet doors, panels and bench tops.

Client Satisfaction: Any company in the world can survive only if the clients are satisfied with the delivered products. As the customers have a number of options it becomes even more important to meet their expectations and take feedback about the accomplishment of task. This means the remodeling company should focus on novelty, good quality, durable products which are functional, stylish and can be easy to remove or reused if required, during subsequent   renovation.

To ascertain quality, inspection and quality checks have to be done as per the world standards thereby ensuring project’s success. On a note of conclusion, companies spend a lot on marketing via media, internet, exhibitions and so on but at the end of the day, “A Satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement” holds true.