conservatory conversion

Developmentally our lives are divided into 7 stages with each one bringing its own challenges, memories and experiences. But regardless of what stage each stage shares similar traits and the need for home comforts.

When a new conservatory can add 7% to the value of your property, additional space to your home and allow you to put a unique stamp on your house it is interesting to know how your new conservatory conversion will be making life that bit cosier no matter what the age

Infancy – The Babies,

Just as you look forward to that first time you bring your baby home you will look forward to the first time you step into your conservatory. As you will invest the time in your little one it is important to invest in keeping them warm.

When considering a conservatory conversion in Aberdeen, leading company BJC Joinery suggests opting for the best standard of glazing you can afford. The better the glazing the more warmth you can keep and the longer the quality of your conservatory will last.

Early Childhood – The Runaway Toddler,

You turn around for one second and your toddler is round the corner, emptying their toy box or managing to get in the biscuit tin. Keeping that toddler in line is probably not going to happen but we can help with keeping your conservatory cosy.

Minimizing drafts in the conservatory is a simple way to stay warm. Try using draft excluders along the bottom of doors, keeping your internal door closed and look for spots where your conservatory conversion might have breaks or poorly fitted draft exclusion points.

Middle Childhood – That Awkward Age,

“It’s not fair” *stomp, stomp stomp* or “I don’t want to” (throws themselves on the floor). They are right in that awkward stage where they are too big to be distracted by shiny things and not old enough to occupy themselves.

Well BJC Joinery suggests to update your flooring to keep that conservatory cosy. A well fitted floor keeps out drafts and insulated well can add more heat to your garden room. If you want to be really clever why not invest in some underfloor heating then it won’t matter that you don’t have a seat on the couch.

Adolescence – When They Are a Teenager

Is there anything teenagers are better at than knowing the best spot in the house. Although you may wish to keep those pesky kids out of your conservatory conversion it’s worth finding a budget way to keep it cozy. Adding soft furnishings to your conservatory not only adds more style and comfort but blinds, curtains, rugs and even blankets will help keep your space warm and inviting

Early Adulthood – When They Start Paying Bills

You may have gone to university or wanted your independence, either way you are now paying the bills. Possibly this is your first home and you haven’t done the conservatory conversion so why not insulate the roof to up the cozy factor. If like BJC Joinery you are way up North in Glasgow you will know that it gets cold. Aluminum foil or roof wadding can help insulate your conservatory and adds another layer to the room and your glass ceiling.

Middle Adulthood – When You Have Teenagers

You have your family, your home and you have finally had that conservatory conversion added to give you that extra space. Now more than ever it is important that when you get 5 minutes you have a great space to enjoy that book, get control of the remote or simply put your feet up. Using electric radiators can be an efficient way to create that cosy feeling, they are portable, inexpensive to run and can be placed right next to where you are sitting giving you maximum warmth.

Old Age – When You Have Grandchildren

Sit back and relax. It’s either a day to yourselves or the end to a busy day of spoiling the grandchildren. What you don’t need now is to worry about that wonderful conservatory being damp. It may seem to go against previous advice but BJC Joinery suggests that when not using the room you should keep it ventilated to reduce the damp, simply leaving an internal door open for a couple of hours a day can do away with damp and ensure those cosy times.

So it is simple whether you are in stage 1 or stage 7, living in Glasgow or John O’Groats your conservatory conversion needs to keep you cosy and really unlike all 7 stages it isn’t that hard to do.