Screen Doors

In these days, everything is getting more advanced and house improvement has become a common choice for the property owners. The modern properties are facilitated with many modern equipment like screen doors. The security should be taken care of by the owners to stay safe in the house along with their family and assets. So, the popularity of the screen doors is also increasing day by day.  The security screen doors are known for quality and assurance of the safety of its occupants. It is a pivoted door that is beneficial for both cold and warm climates enclosing within itself the main door or the sliding glass door.

How Do We Decide?

When it comes to your safety, it is wise to opt for security screen doors that are suitable for the environment you are staying in. The quality of the door has to be excellent in terms of its durability.

Screen Doors

How Do We Choose A Security Screen Door That Fits Our Needs?

Let us take a look below at the parameters

Nature Of The Door Material

They are generally constructed out of wood, aluminium, steel or a metal alloy. However, seeking a long-term solution, a comparison to the traditional doors is essential. Steel, in this case, leads the congregation. Steel is way stronger and durable in comparison to aluminium, wood or a metal alloy. However, this is not the end. Aluminium has an added advantage over steel. Aluminium though expensive does not rust which is not the case with steel. Nonetheless, powder coating on the steel security screen doors can ensure a no-rust condition for a few years post which it can be recoated.


The first impression is the whole ball of wax. Imagine an entrance that is visually appealing and fresh to look at! Yes, this will make your day. A customized screen door that can have different styles and colors is sufficient to make you want to show your creativity on it. This will give an exquisite look to your home.

Pest Control

There are several areas where you will find mosquitoes at a large number. Bugs and insects are no exception to the pest group. It becomes difficult to keep the door open when you want to enjoy the view outside or need cool fresh air in the night during summers. The security screen doors are at your rescue here. It embeds in itself a screen mesh that prevents the entrance of mosquitoes, bugs or any unwanted flying creature. It is also helpful in inhibiting the passage for unwanted debris, leaves or twigs. Hence, your house can stay clean. To add to all these advantages, sill extensions can get your door a bug-tight seal.

Screen Doors


Steel screen doors are strong enough not to let any invader enter your home. You can induct as many locks and fittings as you find suitable. Thus, steel screen doors are extraordinarily safe. You would not have to worry about a burglar getting in while trying to get fresh air. Wind chains can also be an added choice. It helps control the movement of the screen door as to not blow away too far on a windy day. This kind of control ensures privacy and minimum visibility of your indoors from the outside.


This is the best part of these types of doors. You can add the security screen doors to your normal door even after you have planned and constructed your new home, in the style and the color you want.

After checking the advantages of security screen doors, it becomes imperative to use keeping in mind our suitability.