Floral Dress

Prom, the most magical night of the year, is in the offing. It’s a perfect excuse for girls to revamp their fashion game to OTT. And, since prom in the United States mostly happens in spring or summer, there’s nothing better than a floral dress to define our love for the season.

You heard us right! Floral prints add a delicate feminine touch to the outfit – wearing the *one* to your gala prom can help you achieve the standout, yet summer-friendly look of your dreams.  

Read on to discover how to pull off the perfect floral designer prom dress and be the showstopper of the event. 

  1. Say Yes To The Flattering Pattern

When it comes to floral dresses, you have a wide range of prints and patterns to choose from – small prints, denser prints, 3D prints, abstract florals, and whatnot. But how do you know which floral print flatters you the most? The answer depends on your body frame.

Say, for example, if you are petite, smaller floral prints are your BFF. They keep the prom ensemble from becoming too overwhelming for you. You can easily find the *one* in the collection of Jovani dresses at an affordable price. 

On the other hand, if you’re a curvier look, go for bigger floral prints to create an illusion of a slimmer look. Remember, the more curves you have, the bigger the floral print!

  1. The Right Footwear Matters!

Printed shoes with a printed dress are too overboard and may confuse your beholders. If you are all heart at creating a perfectly defined and flawless prom look, choose shoes without prints on them.

Any light or subtle color that complements your Jovani floral dress but isn’t too matchy-matchy is perfect to go for. You can also pick nude heels or black sneakers, as they look great with florals. The whole idea is to accentuate the appeal of your dress and its print, after all!

  1. Minimal Accessories Are The Key

Floral dresses, particularly Jovani prom dresses, are naturally attention-grabbing; you don’t need to use too many accessories to enhance your look. Just a solid handbag, pair of studs, and belt are enough to cut a dash.

We strongly suggest you steer clear of any floral jewelry or accessory with your floral outfit, as you’d not want to look like a bouquet. 

That’s all! Now you’re all set to bloom your fashion statement this prom season. So, lose no time and get your hands on the fetching floral dress of your choice. Make sure to browse through the collection of Jovani dresses for exclusive styles, colors, and silhouettes.