Bifold doors

Bifold doors are popular nowadays in residential and commercial settings. Usually made from aluminum, timber, and glass bifold doors are best to bring the natural light inside the rooms. However, Bifold doors are expensive whether you choose aluminum or wood for your doors.

Homeowners with a tight budget need to think twice before getting the bifold doors for their house. You need to consider and go through various stores and options before buying the bifold doors. Therefore, it is essential to look for multiple options to know the best doors that fit your budget.

Let us check in this post how to get fabulous bi-fold doors when your budget is low.

Why are Bi-Fold doors priced too high?

Bifold doors

The cost of bifold doors may differ depending on the material and size, but there is more complicated manufacturing engaged compared to other types of doors. It is due to how they work, which adds additional expenses.

Imagine how a sliding door opens in comparison to a double door, and you will quickly realize the higher engineering that is needed. When they are closed, you get more of a door profile, which is heavier on materials than a sliding door, which is a significant glass expense.

Bi-fold doors are constructed with longevity in mind, so they are made with quality, year-round weatherproof glazing panels, and fantastic ironmongery to be hardwearing and durable. They are accessible in various finishes, with aluminum, wood, and UPVC being the most common.

They require higher capacity and sophistication of hardware systems than a sliding or hinged door because there is a higher load when the doors are opened or closed.

The vast majority of bi-folds are top hung, meaning the weight comes from above. Bi-fold doors will require excellent structural support to withstand the pressure.

The material of the doors

The most crucial factor to consider is that the material of bifold doors affects the cost. As a rule, uPVC is the lowest priced option, while aluminum is the highest. Although aluminum is durable but being the most expensive, it should not be on your list. The price of other options like wood and timber lies between these two. So, if you are already on a tight budget, nothing is better than uPVC.


You can also choose wood if you don’t like uPVC for your home. Wood is high in strength, but you need to protect them from water and moisture. If you live in a location that receives heavy rains, timber is not the best option. Choose uPVC or some other options instead of timber.

However, wood and timber are best for low-humidity and dry locations. Timber comes in various options like hardwood timber and cross-laminated options. The hardwood timber needs regular staining and repainting that adds to the maintenance costs. Moreover, standard timbers are prone to warping and twisting. Therefore, cross-laminated timber doors are the best option if you choose wood for your bifold doors as they require low maintenance.

Size of doors

The cost of doors also depends on their size. More the height and breadth of doors more is the cost. However, there are no options to reduce the size of your doors. You need to choose them as per the height of your walls. However, you can select the width of the doors, which cost you less. It is better to choose wide doors as it will reduce the number of doors required to cover the outer walls.

Number of panels

The size of your home’s door opening and layout will determine how many door panels you can have. Choosing fewer door panels will keep expenses down as the quantity of material needed is reduced. The panels you need to use depends on the length of each door. However, the best option is to go for as few as possible. For folding sliding doors, the maximum width of each door panel is about 1 m to 1.1 m. Usually, tall doors are made narrower to keep the weight as low as possible.

Colors and Finishes

You have the option to choose your home style from a range of RAL colors. You will also have the opportunity to customize the more exceptional information, such as door handles. Selecting the standard colors can reduce the cost while selecting unique colors like black or red would cost you more.

Final Words

Bifold doors are best to use in your house if you like outdoors. The glass bifold doors Newtown are the best in quality, and people are using them in the town. Choosing the right material, size, number of panels, and colors can help you to keep the costs low. Moreover, researching through several online and offline stores will enable you to find the store with the lowest prices for bifold doors.