One of the hardest things in the human body is our bones which includes our teeth, but they can still be broken and cause us a lot of pain. When you chip a tooth, you cannot go to the accident and emergency at your local hospital, and some people are not sure what to do.

If you have a chipped or broken tooth and want to know what is best, follow the advice below, and you may be able to save your tooth and keep your precious smile.

Accidents Do Happen

Although the teeth in your mouth are one of the most durable parts of your body, they can get damaged whether it is through accident or playing sports, so it is vital to know what to do in the event of an accident.


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First, you should not panic. If possible, see a quality dentist such as the Face Value dentists in Brisbane. If you cannot see your dentist straight away or they do not have an out of hours service, do not worry as there are things that you can do to survive before you can see them. If you have the fragments of the broken tooth, keep these in a cool and dry container so that you can take these to your dentist when they are available to see you, and then follow the advice below.

Coping With Pain

If the broken tooth is causing you a lot of pain, then you will need to address this before it starts to become too much to cope with for you. You can try applying an icepack to the area of your face where the broken tooth is, which can help to reduce any swelling that the accident causes. If after doing this, you are still in a lot of pain, then you will want to try taking some pain medication to help you cope. There are many over the counter pain remedies that are available, and some work better for some people than others. Always ensure that you read the instructions before taking and do not use any medication prescribed for another condition. If your doctor has prescribed you with pain medication that you have leftover, consult your doctor to see whether it is okay to take it or not for the pain that you are suffering.

A Sharp Or Jagged Tooth

When you crack or break a tooth, you can often be left with a jagged or sharp edge, which if you are not careful can end up cutting your mouth or tongue. To help you avoid causing any further damage to your mouth, you will want to cover the tooth and its sharp edges. You can do this by using wax paraffin and cover the affected area. Another way that you can do this is to use sugarless chewing gum and apply this to the broken tooth. It will not only stop you from cutting your mouth but it will also help to protect any nerves that are exposed.

If You Need To Eat

If it is going to take a day or two before you can see your dentist, you are going to need to eat food to survive, so you will want to choose suitable foods. Choose soft foods which do not require too much chewing, and avoid any sugary foods or drinks which can damage the tooth further.

At your earliest convenience, get yourself to your local dentist who will be able to fix your tooth and restore your winning smile.