You must have a dream of buying a granny flat and after all your social duties are over and after your retirement. Every person starts planning for their post-retirement needs and the things they would be enjoying at that time.

It is that phase of human life where all the important activities are complete like upbringing your child, child education and their marriage. So now that you have become free, it is your right that you enjoy this last phase of your life peacefully.

One way you can enjoy is by buying and shifting away to your own place by purchasing granny flats. Conscious people never depend on anyone not even on their child to take care of them in their old age. They make sure that they take care of their own and stay away from their children to avoid becoming a burden.

So, if you have not yet thought of buying a granny flat, then it is time now to think about it and saving money for your nice little runaway during old age.

But if you have already purchased a granny flat then you need to do these 5 things before you move into one of our own granny flats


1. Make sure that you know the place very well

Acquaintance with the new place is important as you are shifting to a new community may be and that requires knowing where the important places are located like the grocery market and food shops etc. It is very important to have a medicine store and a doctor’s clinic nearby in case of any medical emergency.

This is important because you would not want to get lost after you have purchased your new flat in your new community.

2. Make sure that all the necessary items have been shifted

If you are to stay here permanently, then it is important that all the necessary items like furniture and some essential items like food items have been bought or shifted. Granny flats should not be cramped up with storage items and all your belongings. Try to keep them as much spacious as possible to make it look beautiful.


3. Inform your doctors and relatives

Make sure that you have informed all your relatives including your son and daughter before you have moved into your granny flat. Granny flats are bought for spending your life freely but remember that it is your family members that will come handy in case of any medical emergency. It is important that you let them know the exact location and the address of your newly purchased granny flat.

4. Find out if all the paperwork is complete

Make sure that all the important paperwork including completion certificate, tax certificate and ownership certificate and the deed is complete. This will help you to stay away from any confusions and legal doubts. After you have moved into your new community and such problems arise it will be even more difficult for you to solve.


5. Ensure that you can save as much of the recurring expenses as possible

In your old age, you would obviously want to reduce the expenses as much as possible. To ensure this you can reduce the expenses for your granny flats by reducing the electricity bills, monthly grocery bills etc.

You can install the LED bulbs instead of normal lamps to reduce the electricity bills. To reduce your grocery items, you can buy all your important groceries in bulk to avail the discounts.

Final verdict

Granny flats allow a person to enjoy the last few years of their lives peacefully. But make sure that you have done a few things as mentioned above before moving into your granny flat.