Gold Disc Earrings And Other Types Of Earrings & Earring Backs

Earrings are the classic no-fuss piece of jewelry. Whether they’re simple studs or spectacular dangles, they help you look put together but never overdone. 

Want to learn more about gold disc earrings, open circle earrings, gold medallion earrings, dangle circle earrings, or more? We’ve got the basics on all the different sorts of earrings and earring backs, from more current earring styles like threaders and ear cuffs to classic earring styles like gold hoops and diamond studs. 

Types of Earrings: 

Earrings with Studs 

Stud earrings are often small and sit snugly on top of the earlobe without falling, looping backward, or climbing upward. Studs, which often have a simple design, are easy to wear and go with any attire. Diamond stud earrings are a jewelry box must-have and one of the most popular earring types.

Earrings with Drops 

A tiny drop earring can be just what you’re looking for if you want something simple but with a little bit of length. Drop earrings are normally stationary and hang below the earlobe, much like an extended stud earring. 

Earrings with Clusters 

Multiple stones or jewels clustered together make Cluster earrings. These delicate gold disc earrings form a cluster and sit snugly on top of the earlobe. These elegant earrings are available as studs or with a modest drop. 

Earrings with a Dangle 

Dangle circle earrings are similar to drop earrings in that they hang below the earlobe. However, dangle earrings, as opposed to drop earrings, usually have a more elaborate design and greater movement.

Earrings with Hoop 

Hoop earrings are hoops that loop from the front to the back of the earlobe. While most hoop earrings are circular, they can also be triangles, squares, or ovals and come in various sizes, from little to giant open circle earrings. Smaller hoops provide a more subtle style, but larger hoops have a more striking effect. Opt for a pair of in-and-out diamond hoops for a beautiful look. 

Earrings Huggie 

Huggie earrings wrap around the earlobe and hug it snugly. These small hoops are perfect for people who desire the look of hoop earrings but don’t want to risk them catching or snagging. 

Earrings with a Chandelier 

Chandelier earrings are a style of dangle earring with an extravagant crystal chandelier-like shape. Chandelier earrings are the most elegant of all the earring styles, exuding elegance and grace.

Earrings with a Threader 

A thin piece of metal that threads through the piercing and hangs on both sides of the earlobe makes threader earrings. This style gives them a more modern, minimalist look. A more elegant statement piece would include a pair of gold medallion earrings with a threader for a more contemporary look.

Earrings for Jackets 

Jacket earrings have a front latch or stone that keeps the earring in place, while the ear’s back hides the earring’s main part. This one-of-a-kind earring type hangs below the earlobe, providing a playful peek-a-boo impression.

Climbers of the Ears 

Ear climbers are a newer, more fashionable earring type. These earrings begin at the base of the ear and rise upward rather than drooping downward.

Types of Earring Backs 

Post Backs 

The most prevalent type of earring backing is post-backs, which you can use on anything from studs to dangling earrings. When it comes to post-back earrings, there are various alternatives available, including push backs, screw backs, and lock backs. 

Hinge Back

A hinged post on hinge back earrings snaps into a groove on the back of the earring. These backings, also known as a saddleback or hinged snapback, are typically found on hoops and huggie earrings. 

Shepherd Hooks Backs

Shepherd hooks are ear wires that loop through the piercing and hang on the earlobe’s backside. You can wear these without an additional backing to keep the earring in place due to its hook-like form. Pair these with your gold disc earrings today!