In a matter of months, COVID-19 transformed the business world. Grand entrepreneurial ambitions have been replaced by a desperate hope that the business will survive. Though many companies have been hit hard, some have done more than just weather the storm – they’ve had the flexibility to roll with the uncertainty and come out stronger than ever. If you’d like to count yourself among these uncommon success stories, the following tips have been designed to help you in your quest.

1. Choose your premises wisely

Instead of locking yourself into a long-term lease, virtual or serviced offices offer you precisely the kind of flexibility you need in these unpredictable and turbulent times. These spaces offer a variety of packages, meaning there will be an arrangement that suits you, regardless of your business size or niche. Some of the perks include ultra-modern meeting and office spaces in CBD locations, receptionist services, mail handling. In some properties you’ll even get catering.

2. Invest in the virtual world

Even if we’re lucky enough to find ourselves in a best-case scenario, and COVID-19 ceases to be a threat, the digital shift is in full swing, and it’s unlikely to be slowed down by anything other than an apocalyptic event. With this in mind, it’s worth dedicating time and money to ensuring you and your team are on the cutting edge when it comes to your online services, social media presence, and technology in general. Don’t be one of these people who’s dragging their feet and hoping they’ll be able to “go back to normal” in a few months. Instead, get ahead of the curve and offer your clients a modern, streamlined experience.

3. Engage in dialogue

You may have had to temporarily close or make adjustments to the way you do business. However, that doesn’t mean you should go quiet. Nor does it mean you should bombard your customers with meaningless “we’re all in this together” emails. Instead, reach out and ask people how they’re doing and what they need. This goes for your employees as much as your customers. Once you know what people are in need of, find a way to fill that gap. The businesses that are thriving against all odds are the ones who are helping their customers, employees, and the community at large.

4. Get agile

If you want your team to be able to adapt, shift focus with ease, and redirect resources when faced with changing circumstances, agile project management is the tool you need. The agile model has proven its ability to create workplaces that are resilient to sudden change, giving people the framework they need to innovate at a moment’s notice, bounce back quickly from setbacks, and uncover new opportunities. Do your research, get your team on-board, and then watch your business transform as you perfect your project management system.

5. Be human

Successful business owners understand the need to adjust their sales approach in response to social changes. People were already beginning to tire of marketing-speak, sponsored content, and intrusive ads before COVID-19. Once the pandemic reared its ugly head, our collective tolerance for advertising plummeted. The virus also managed to strike at the peak of cancel culture, creating a milieu in which brands can be destroyed over a single tone-deaf Tweet or ad campaign. In uncertain times, it’s better to put hard-selling on the backburner in favor of transparency, vulnerability, and genuine human connection.

If it weren’t for uncertainty, life would be unbearably tedious, with no room for surprises or unexpected joys. Though our inability to foresee the future does come at a cost, you can mitigate the damages by building a business with flexible foundations.