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Let us face the fact that unless someone is a minimalist, moving from one place to another can be the biggest challenge and might leave you overwhelmed. 

But if you have got a head start, you must start getting organized from today itself to avoid going through the mammoth process of packing and moving. Instead, it may help you to enjoy your new abode. Here are a few crucial tips that may help you get through moving without any hustle-bustle or chaos.

  • Declutter And Organize

If you don’t want to leave anything for the last minute, you must start decluttering and organizing stuff as soon as you know that you need to move. It would help you to make your moving day a smooth one. Create a To-Do list for every week or every day if you have less to move to stay managed.

  • Purge Excess Stuff

No other chance is better for purging stuff out than moving. First, you must get rid of the items that are no longer needed. Then, if you have time on your hands, you must hold a yard sale to enjoy some benefits of the useless old items. You can even donate clothes or other stuff to people in need. 

  • Make A Packing Checklist And System

If you have help in packing everything in your house, you must establish a system to stay organized and in sync with each packer. Prepare a checklist or inventory of every room on a separate sheet to simplify your unpacking as well. Hand over the essentials to each packer, such as a marker, pen, and packing material.

  • Pack The Expensive Art Pieces Or Antiques Separately

If you are fond of having artwork in your house or just like to collect antiques, you must know that handling them from place to place can be difficult. Thus, it is best to pack them separately with custom shipping crates or boxes. In addition, it would help to avoid any damage, dent, or scratch to it. If you can’t find custom crates in the market, you must connect with fine art shipping companies for help.

  • Label Every Box And Crates

Make sure to have labels or stickers on all sides of the box. It will ensure that the movers would be able to understand how it needs to be placed easily. Besides the safety of the items, labeling also ensures that your unpacking work is quite smooth and organized. Labeling all sides of the box also helps you find what you need from the entire stack of boxes.

  • Pick The Right Transportation

Moving a short distance is easy; you can make more than one trip. But if you have to move to a whole new city, you don’t have the luxury of making several trips. Thus, you need to book the right truck size to transport all your belongings in one go. For example, several movers or art shippers in NYC would have all sizes of tracks to fit in your stuff safely. 

  • Go Green With Packing Material

We all know that moving can generate a lot of waste like bubble wraps, newspapers, and even cardboard. Thus, it is best to use those reusable plastic bins, which are easily available at essential home stores. These bins can be easily labeled and go directly to the closet until you are ready to fully unpack them. Instead of cardboard boxes, you can use plastic bins and place the breakable items in old linens.