Once or twice a year, it is essential to thoroughly clean garages and cellars. April, when everything starts up again, is the ideal month to clean and tidy up the most congested rooms in the house.

Exposed to the worst dirt, the garage and the cellar are also the two least cleaned places in the house. The mere thought of tackling stubborn dirt can be enough to get the urge to go. But by thinking that a well-equipped and clean garage or cellar can allow you to gain additional free space at home, we then find the motivation necessary to get to work and organize them, to have a place for everything.

The garage is the place where we park the car, the motorbike, the bicycles. However, it’s also a place where we put away all that we do not use daily: boxes of toys, sports equipment, old magazines.

In addition, if we are a little handyman, it is possible that we have placed a workspace in the garages and that we store tools and utensils there. With so many miscellaneous items, it’s hard to keep the garage clean and tidy. Here are our tips!

Empty the garages from time to time


We can imagine that this can give you cold sweats, but it is necessary to sort out. Get rid of what you no longer use at all and put away what you need. The best solution is to get everything out of the garage: once outside, sort out what you no longer use, see what you can give or sell and what you want to keep. Try to determine whether you are using these items, whether they are worth keeping, whether they have sentimental or economic value. Because if they landed in the garage, they are likely objects that you do not use that much! Maybe you even forgot about their existence, and then why not give them away or sell them?

Clean the walls

Like the interior of a house, the garage walls must be cleaned from time to time to remove not only the remains of dust and dirt but also the insects or spiders that have taken up residence there. If they can be cleaned with a cloth, use a cleaning product and wipe a cloth over the surfaces. If they are painted, clean them and remember to repaint them from time to time to sanitize them. Do not forget to include the ceiling in this cleaning.

Wash the floor regularly


It is essential to clean the floor reasonably frequently. If you park your car or motorbike in the garages, you will also need to remove any oil and dust that they may have left on the ground. If you do not park inside, however, you may find leaves, sand and dirt there that need to be removed frequently.

Also check that you have no visitors hidden between the furniture (rats, mice, nutria, dormouse, or even ants or birds). If this is the case, contact a specialized garages cleaning company.

After sweeping, use water, a disinfectant and cleaning product that will allow you to sanitize the garage and ensure its hygiene. You can use a device that sends a jet of pressurized hot water or use a mop and bucket. If oil and grease remain from the vehicles, you will need to use a specific product.


The final take: Whenever you’re going to put something in the garages, rather than putting it in the middle without paying attention, store it with similar items. This is how you can keep your garage tidy for longer and make it easier to clean.