Let’s get ready for cocktail hour!

When we hear about a cocktail party, the first thing that pops into our head is the cocktail and lots of fun. The second is, of course, the glamorous cocktail dress.

That’s right! Available in wide arrays of sizzling styles, cocktail attire give you a chance to revamp your fashion statement to OTT. However, choosing the perfect *one* is pretty baffling. Neither do you want to be underdressed in a simple outfit, nor do you want to go overboard. You need to strike the seamless balance between the right kind of cocktail dress and the party’s dress code – and that is only possible if you’ll work on the common cocktail styling mistakes. 

Here’s what we’re talking about: 

#Mistake 1: Not Considering The Context Of The Event

Many women assume cocktail dresses to be just sparkling and nothing else. The truth is that the right kind of cocktail attire depends on the context of the event being thrown.

Depending on the reason behind the celebration, a cocktail bash can be both informal and semi-formal. If it is held during spring/summer, as a part of an engagement or wedding, you should go with light colors and fabrics. طريقة الدفع عن طريق paypal On the other hand, if the organized cocktail o’clock is all about casual fun, alcohol, dance, and laughter (as it usually happens during the holiday season), you’d like to adorn a breathtaking bling or embellished short dress.

Good News: You can easily get your hands on a variety of cocktail styles in the Terani Couture dress collection online. Whether sweet pastel or sexy sequin, this designer line features hot trending styles at affordable prices. 

#Mistake 2: Opting For The Wrong Dress Length

A cocktail party isn’t a formal, white-tie event. So, stop doing a blunder by dolling up in flowy ball gowns or dresses. Keep those for your Cinderella moment only 😉

The right length of the cocktail dress ranges from the mini to midi. The choice sheerly depends on your level of comfort.

If you are not into dresses, you can also go for jazzy jumpsuits that vibe with your personality. Surprisingly, the collection of Terani Couture cocktail dresses has many. Must take a look!

# Mistake 3: Revealing Too Much Skin

One of the biggest mistakes most females make is confusing the cocktail party to be a night out with pals. It’s not!

Whether informal or semi-formal, cocktail events are usually held to encourage social gatherings. That being said, avoid wearing anything that is too transparent or sleazy. سيرجيو اغويرو After all, you’d not want to embarrass yourself with unwanted attention or peekaboo moments. لعبه الباصره  

There you have it – all the common mistakes to avoid when styling for cocktail hour. Now that you know all about them, wait no more and seize on the best cocktail dress for your big night. Don’t forget to browse through the collection of Terani Couture dresses for exclusive styles at dream prices.