The world of fashion has made headway. Today, there are a sea of choices when it comes to dresses or gowns for a certain occasion. However, choosing the perfect *one* that suits your style isn’t a child’s play. 

An ordinary woman, especially one who isn’t savvy about fashion, often deals with struggle while shopping. From being confused about the length of the dress to the matching mishmash – the frustration is real.

Here, we have jotted down the common dilemmas every woman faces while looking for a trendy dress for her wardrobe, along with the essential solutions.

  1. The Conflict Of Choosing The Right Silhouette

What suits your best? Ballgown, a-line, mermaid, trumpet, or sheath? Opting for the right cuts and styles is the foremost part of dress shopping, but it will continue to be a challenge if you don’t know what flatters you the most. 

The right thing to do is learn how to dress for your body shape. For example, if you have an hourglass shape (lucky you!), you’re good to go with form-fitting silhouettes, such as a sheath, mermaid, and trumpet. They will accentuate your well-defined waist, helping you turn heads. 

Are you plus-size or apple-shaped? Styles, such as fit and flare, a-line, empire waist, and ball gowns will minimize your midsection and create an illusion of a slimmer look. Peep into this a-line illusion jewel lace May Queen dress for proof.

  1. The Color Confusion

It’s common to run into a color conflict stage when you don’t know which shade best suits your skin tone. Solution? You need to determine your skin tone. There are several ways to do so – examine your veins, give yourself a white paper test, or jewelry test.

If your skin tone is cool, bright greens, pinks, deep purples, and bold blues are your BFF. Whereas, for warm skin tone, you should snap up yellow-based colors. In addition, greens, browns, warm reds or oranges, peach, coral, and gold also work best for you.

Good News: You can easily get your hands on the flattering color from the collection of May Queen Couture dresses at dream prices. 

  1. The Matchmaking Chaos

“What accessories will go best with the dress?” – It is one of the common doubts that pop in women’s heads when dressing up for a special occasion. Don’t worry; it’s easy to settle!

The choice of accessories should rely on the color and details of your dress. For instance, if your dress is already too bold and embellished, look for minimal accessories, such as studs or hoop earrings to balance the glitz and glamour. But if you have set your heart on a simple monochrome outfit, you can add interest to your look with statement jewelry and sparkling shoes. 

These are some of the dilemmas that every woman goes through when looking for an outfit. But now that you give confusion the chop, wait no more and start shopping for a perfect wardrobe. Don’t forget to browse through the May Queen dress collection for exclusive styles, colors, and prints at affordable prices.