blocked drain

A blocked drain can be a cause of a lot of major concerns. Your bathroom, as well as other parts of the house can get water logged. This unhygienic situation can lead to health concerns. Using the bathroom can be a significant challenge and your day to day life can get disturbed. Thus, if you find yourself stuck with a blockage, you should think about finding blocked drain clearing options. There are different methods by using which you can clear a blockage. Some highly efficient companies who provide professional blockage clearing services can help you with efficient services. These are quite affordable and can be of great help to you. Moving forward, we are going to talk about what cause a blocked drainage. Take a look.

What Causes Blocked Drainage?

Blocked drainage is one of the most messy and problematic situations. No matter, how much we try but this type of problem cannot be solved without the help of a professional. Fortunately, today there is a lot of drainage cleaning service providers available which you can hire to deal with such mess. There are many reasons which cause the blocked drainage. Showers, bathtubs and sink drains are in most cases clogged by hairs. Hair may flow down easily through pipes but along with greasy and sticky residues of soap, it stays in there and cause blockage. Though the problem is very serious but by using alkaline pipe cleaners, you can get rid of these problems. If the DIYs also do not clean the blockage, then you would need to hire the blocked drain cleaning service providers to get rid of stubborn blockages.

These types of blockages cannot be removed that easily. Sometimes a cleaning spiral is needed to get rid of them. However, if this also doesn’t help in cleaning of blockage, you should definitely opt for drain cleaning processes.

blocked drain

Different Drain Cleaning Processes:

A blocked drain can be cleaned by using the following options:

  • Bio-pipe Cleaner with Enzymes: A pipe cleaner or drain cleaner is usually a chemical mixture for the decomposition of blockages in drain pipes. The blockages are mostly the buildup cooled fats or food particles in the kitchen drainage, hairs and soap residue in the bathtub or shower drain. Commercially granules and liquid agents are available which contain traditional highly corrosive, alkaline ingredients to hydrolyze fats and polymeric or organic substances.
  • Inorganic Drain Cleaner: Basically, these drain cleaners contain sodium hydroxide (NaOH) or potassium hydroxide (KOH), which form strongly corrosive alkalis – caustic soda or potassium hydroxide – with water. These may additionally contain chlorine compounds (sodium hypochlorite) and oxidants. Potassium hydroxide attacks both acrylic glass, as well as enameled and glazed surfaces of tubs and sanitary ware, which consist of silicate glass-like material (glass corrosion). It should be introduced specifically only for blocked drain clearing. If the drainage pipes are still made of ceramic material, they should be rinsed well.
  • Granules: In addition to the alkaline substances i.e. caustic potash and caustic soda, granules also contain aluminum and nitrate and sodium carbonate. The aluminum is oxidized by the lye with the development of heat and formation of hydrogen. By heating and development of gas, the blockage gets cleaned.

It can be concluded that, if you have a blocked drain, you should act fast to solve the problem. You can simply call a blocked drain service to get professional help. This will not only be convenient to you but would also be an economical way to get rid of such issues.